season on the brink, reasons to be optimistic, reasons not to


reasons for optimism...

at 1-3 we seem to be in trouble. however a reason to be optimist that this team can turn it around is that we never been dominated in any of the games we played. we haven't been blown out, out yardaged, out manned or even out schemed. we have been in each lost game to the end and in our win we dominated start to finish. in other words, they didn't beat us, we beat ourselves. so eliminating those "shoot-yourself-in-the-foot" mistakes or even half of them and we could be 4-0. if on the other hand we would have been dominated lets say like the browns or detroit, then we could really worry.

reasons not to be optimistic....

on the other hand, its been a trend that started in training camp, showed in our play in preseason and no one took it seriously. everyone thought we just turn on the switch. to quote Allen Iverson.." mean are talking about practice..." was the attitude and it showed in the product when the real games started or even in preseason games. we have had since end of July to get this right and we are now in the 6th week of the season. and we just learned that there is no switch like we thought. there is a big issue with players starting to press and panic and divide. we have seen some signs where they are although not directly calling each other out, calling out coaches and coaches are starting to throw excuses....

we are not playing like a team...a small example is when Beuhler decided on his own to kick the heck out of the football from his 20...he was determined to kill the ball and wanted to get it into the endzone and not tell the rest of his team, thus he outkicked his coverage by 20 yards and the returner had 20 yards before he hit the first wall of defenders and they were set up...that's not team play, that's lack of communication....some of the players look like they have lost faith in coaches and themselves....Allan Ball is not reacting to what he sees and do like he did last year, he is thinking. last year he had nothing to lose by playing loose...this year he seems hesitant and worried about making mistakes and as a result he has caused a bunch of coverage mistakes in the games we have lost....

players also seem they have lost a little faith in the scheme the coaches are running specially defensive side. they don't look cohesive and some seem they are playing half heartedly....

so which will happen? will we show up and play like we did against houston? can we eliminate mistakes and not play sloppy? can we not shoot ourselves in the foot? this team has shown they play better with their backs against the wall, as an underdog. for whatever reason they don't play well as favorites, as a lead dog. it almost seems they are afraid to be ahead......and stay ahead.....

this game has huge 2-3 will they have learned how to focus, play with a sense of urgency? it looked like it after the houston game...but then they thought they had turned on the switch and stopped doing what ever it was they did to get it right....did they learn their lesson? will they learn their lesson if they win this sunday

at 1-4 the season is shot. the team is shot. we just don't have the resiliency, mind set, leadership, coaching to pull us out. then we play against a division opponent that has had our number for a couple of years. they are playing well and the team will start to point more fingers, press a little more, tear apart a little more. we will see more players playing as individuals, more mistakes and the season will spiral downward quick. Wade will become a lame duck coach, so will JG. Jones will start to interview candidates, rumors will fly and it will just get that point a 6-10 season would be a miracle and a big disappointment at the same time.....

this is the biggest game of these players careers. this is their superbowl. they lose this game and a lot of them are not going to be here next year. coaches will be gone and there will be a big shake this game and they live another couple of weeks....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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