Cowboys Losing Pattern Continues

Last week I posted some disturbing trends in regards to the Cowboys in their losses this season.  Click here, for the original post.  After the jump, my thoughts on the Viking game and how we can beat the Giants on Monday Night next week.

Once again the Cowboys let a winnable game get away from them.  Not only that, we were leading 14-7 at the (bleeping) half.  Last week I posted a major pattern development when it comes to the Cowboys and the way they were playing this season.

1. The Cowboys are horrible at stopping the run and forcing the other QB into mistakes.  When it comes to the Vikings, the Cowboys actually did do a good job at stopping somebody and it showed because Randy Moss had a bad day.  Plus we harassed both Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre, for a half, and we got a turnover.  Yay.  The problem was that the "turnover" was due to the result of Brett and AP missing on the hand-off.  But we did sack Brett Favre right?  Yes, but we let off the pressure on the entire offense in the second half and that led to two long drives where the Vikings milked the clock and caused both Randy and AP to have big plays including AP's touchdown that tied the game at 21 and several catches for Moss on the final drive of the game for the Vikes and left only 30 seconds for the Cowboys to do their stuff to win.  This leads me to the second point.

2. The coaching staff is horrible and it shows because Tony Romo is making too many mistakes.  I am from North Dakota and I had the benefit of listening to the Vikings Radio Network, and the men on that network totally trashed the Dallas Coaching staff.  For the record, the Cowboys actually helped the Vikings in their victory yesterday because the defense didn't have to show their full strength in the game.  This shows when E. J. Henderson is the only real star on the winning team and he only had two interceptions of Tony Romo.  However the two interceptions led to 10 points for the Vikings including the game winning field goal.  Then in the final Viking possession, Wade Phillips manages to burn all three of his timeouts instead of letting the defense do its work.  This leads into point number Three:

We need to mix it up and run the ball more.  Yes we did run the ball more in this game, but we were running it up the middle for about five or six yards per play with Felix Jones getting most of the snaps.  The guys on the Vikings Radio Network noted that the strength of the defense rests in the Vikings offensive line and it showed.  We should have been passing more in this game because the Vikings have lost their best cornerback in Cedric Griffin for the season.  His replacement should  have been torched for three touchdowns.  Where was Thasard Choice, Marion Barber, or Jason Witten.  I think I know and it leads to the last point.

4. No more Stupid penalties at the exact wrong time.  The answer was that Witten jumping over Miles Austin after our first Touchdown, but that doesn't take the cake even though it was stupid.  The point was that the celebration penalty never cost us the game, but when you are Miles Austin and you are responsible for an Offensive pass interference penalty where you shoved the opposing defenders head to the ground and then proceed to catch what would have been the game winning points.  That is now two touchdowns that would have won two different games if any Cowboy player didn't make a mistake.

At this time I am going to add one more point, but this was evident in at least one other loss too since the Cowboys gave up 71 yards on the kickoff to set up Tennessee's final drive last week.

Special Teams can't give up the big play. Sunday it was the (beeping) second half kickoff which resulted in a Vikings Touchdown.  Plus Special Teams made too many mistakes on Sunday and for most of the season that it is horrible enough to think that the Cowboys cut Nick Folk.


So you must be asking yourself, how in the world will we beat the Giants next week.  Simple, as I have been preaching all season, we need to take care of business on the field.  A prime example is how the Colts manhandled the Giants in Week 2.  What they pretty much did was stop the two headed attack of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw (The Cowboys have the same type of defense), force Eli Manning into mistakes while limiting Peyton Manning from making his mistakes.  Finally, everyone got the ball on offense and there were no mistakes.  For the most part, I don't see how the Cowboys can follow the same exact game plan as noted by the Colts and lose.

If we continue to play like we have been doing so, there is no way on God's green earth that we will make the playoffs.  We must win on Monday night or else this season is gone.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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