The good thing about times like this is...

it exposes the fairweather fans.

Yes, all those "Cowboys fans" we all know who think a Staubach is some kind of imported yoga mat on an infomercial and can't even tell you who we play next are about to sprain their ankles as they jump off the bandwagon, and as somebody who has loved the laundry since I was old enough to say the word "Cowboys", this kind of time is oddly satisfying for me. I haven't been around all that long, admittedly...hell, I'm only 22, but I was around for the breakdown of Aikman, the fall of the Playmaker, the twilight of Emmitt's career, Rocket Ismail, Troy Hambrick, and the QB journey with stops in Carterville, Testaverdeton, Hensontown, Cunningham City and Leafburg and wore my stars proudly the whole time, so I think I've earned enough fan stripes to comment. If after 3 straight 5-11 seasons, Joey Galloway, and having to actually depend on Drew mother effing Bledsoe to successfully complete passes to the likes of Keyshawn Johnson Lite and the Ghost of Terry Glenn to win ballgames, a 1-4 start in a weak year scares you off of being a fan of our 'Boys, then great riddance. It's a long season, and although the Dallas Cowboys are one of the only professional sports franchises not allowed to lose a contest under any circumstances, the fact is it's gonna happen sometimes.

I know having your favorite team and mine start off this way is frustrating...hell, I'm sitting in my office in Philly right now, I'm getting it from all angles...but honestly, I lurk this site and its discussions a lot and the way some of you react to every loss is shameful. What are we, Eagles fans? Namecalling amongst ourselves, groundless, sweeping armchair GM changes like trading T9 for picks, calling for Jason Garrett to be publicly raped and burned alive on a pyre made of his 700 page makes me sick. In all honesty, I think some of you guys should be wearing helmets, and that's not a commentary on our offensive line. Seriously, don't we get enough external hate without chewing ourselves to pieces on our own damn website? This is one of the best places on the internet to come for my Cowboys info, and I have to say the experience is a lot less enjoyable with some of you guys acting like this. Think about this...the best team in the conference has 2 losses. We have 4. If we get past the Giants, suddenly you have Jacksonville, Green Bay's carcass, and Sheli and Co. it so impossible to be broken even by mid-October?

I want this team to win as bad as anybody else here, but I think a bit of adversity can benefit this team and its fans in the long run. How much more torturous was it to have our 'Boys soar to gaudy regular season statmarks and then crash and burn later? At least now, we know what's wrong with our team, and we know it's possible to reverse it. The capability to win ballgames is there, it's just the luck is a bit lacking to say the least...if put to the choice, I'll take a stallion over some guy with a horseshoe stuck in his ass in a race every time. I'm not here to blow UV rays into anyone's rectum, I saw the same games you did and see the same problems...penalties, line play, play-calling (I was gonna put a .38 slug in my flatscreen if we used that swing to Felix one more time...even my gf, who barely knows a fullback isn't a plus-size model, said "Why do they keep doing that same play to's not working!)"...but I also see that this team was right there EVERY week with the chance to win and the tools to do it...there are a few fanbases who can't say that

. However, the fact NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint...and our 'Boys have the makeup speed to overcome this stumble out of the block. Will I still be feeling this way if we drop it next week? Maybe not...but what I do know is that it's too early to flatline this season.  Only 5% of teams have ever made the playoffs after starting 1-4...but only 1 team in the history of football is the twentyten Dallas Cowboys. What those teams ate doesn't make this one defacate, so it remains to be seen what this year holds. We always talk about how inconsistent this team is...well they've been consistently bad to start this season, so some trend toward the middle should emerge. Keep the lights on, respike the punch, tell your sister to put on panties and get off the ain't over yet.

That being said, bye bye bandwagoners...I wish you would step back from that ledge, but if you don' a flip on the way down, k? It will entertain me. Wherever this ride stops this year, I'll be on it...which can make the destination that much more rewarding...or that much more soul-sucking...but hell, we're's what we signed up for. Aight, that's my 2 cents on it...go Cowboys!


*goes back into BTB invisibility*

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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