It's simple...

It's really very simple.  The Cowboys just have to win.  Winning cures everything.  Penalties? Turnovers? Yeah, that's a bad deal but if you win, it's all forgiven.  Winning is the natural elixir to each and every problem this team has.

This team KNOWS what it needs to do.  All the bickering and whining aside, it really is very simple.  Cut out the penalties, stop it already with the turnovers (and btw, you might try CREATING some for the other team....just sayin') protect Romo and tell your D to keep the other team OFF the scoreboard. 

Hmmmm you say.....expect this team do all that?  Yeah, I know.  Seems impossible.  But, again, start winning and it cures everything.  The team from the front office on down starts smiling and all is well.  That's all it takes.  So yes, it really is just that simple.  Win and  KEEP winning and everyone is happy.

Lose and you go home and hear every single week how BAD everything and everyone is.  Finger pointing gets to be a habit.  Injuries?  Sure, they begin to pile up and then we blame it on the ones who can't be out there.  Alex Barron was supposed to be the backup answer to LT and we all know how that turned out in week one.  Yeah Jerry, brilliant move.  You get rid of one perennial penalty causer only to bring in one that's worse than what you let go.  Genius.

Romo....  I'd like to sit you down and say..."YOU are the starting qb for this team.  It's arguably one of the most hyped positions in all of the NFL:  the qb for the Dallas Cowboys.  Yeah, you've enjoyed the spotlight, gotten a really nice paycheck, finally won that first playoff game but in Dallas, that simply isn't good enough.  Do you want to be remembered as the Danny White of this era for the Cowboys?  Granted, replacing a legend in Staubach was nigh impossible to do but that was your job.  You knew people were expecting YOU to be Staubach, to rescue the Cowboys once again when they fell behind and in some games you did just that.  But on the whole, no Super Bowl championships and all of Dallas once again finds itself on that ledge looking way down and seeing no hope for this team.  Romo, you had a good year last year, made much better decisions and protected the football better than the previous year.  You showed potential to be a great qb.  Now your're back to mediocre.  1-4 and YOU are the qb for this team.  You are supposed to be the leader of this team.  YOU are supposed to get this team back to the Super Bowl, come hell or high water.  But five games into this season, you've regressed.  Back to making terrible decisions with the ball.  Hey, I can understand wanting to make a play to get this team going, but you simply can't win turning the ball over.  You can't win throwing INT's each game.  You can't win fumbling the ball because you've been blindsided from the left.  You've got to get that ball into your playmakers hands and let them do their thing. 

Winning is the ONLY thing that's acceptable. Can't have double digit penalties in every game and expect to win.  Can't have players making bone-headed plays at crucial times only to have it hurt you on the ensuing kickoff when you KNOW your special teams are seriously lacking.  Just can't play dumb football and expect this team to somehow pullout the victory. 

You guys KNOW what you need to do.  You hear it after each loss and that is only going to get WORSE if you keep losing.  Jerry may say Wade's job is safe, but you keep losing and Wade ain't gonna be around much longer so your "good ole boy" coach can start packing his bags.  Jerry himself said it when he bought the team: "We will win.  We have to win".  That put three Super Bowl rings on his fingers.  It was helped with Jimmy Johnson on the sideline MAKING his players accountable and getting in their faces and challenging them to play their best.  That's been 17 yrs ago.  Seriously Jerry, if you REALLY WANT TO WIN ANOTHER SUPER BOWL, you've got to find another Jimmy Johnson or sit back and watch your mediocre team lose each week and then to all the sports media call your team a joke.

Again, winning cures everything.  Jerry if you still want to win, YOU'VE GOT TO MAKE CHANGES.  And that first change is to rid this team of a coach who can't help this team win.

You see, it really is that simple!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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