What Changes would you make defensively for the immediate future?

As a Cowboy fan, I have been used to seeing the offense perform the way it has for years now, so I am not shocked by what happened on offense, and I do mean the injury to Tony also. But for this fanpost, I will go against what Dallaspalace has usually written about, and make it exclusively about the defense. Many have read my posts, and alot of people have called me "single-minded" in regards to the Cowboys, always talking and writing about the offense, and Jason Garrett. It is true. 

But I also do not like some of the decisions Wade makes on defense also. Jason Williams and Sean Lee should be out there alot more than what we've seen (to replace Keith Brooking and Bradie James, if only to give them a breather).

Anthony Spencer should be replaced by Victor Butler. Maybe not permanently, but what's wrong with lighting a little fire under Spencer, and causing a little competition for the position? This is the coaches job, by the way.

 Danny McCray and Barry Church maybe should replace Gerald Sensabaugh and Alan Ball respectively also in the same way as mentioned above with the LBers.

 Josh Brent-Price should outright be the nose tackle, and move Jay Ratliff over to DE. Maybe that will happen now with the injury to Jason Hatcher. Rat was being manhandled by the Giants Oline, and he is wearing down. The rigors of that position don't fit his physical traits. He is a big 300 lb lean fast Dlineman, but the NT position requires you constantly take on two blockers. If you look at all the teams that have run a successful 3-4 defense, the NT is the monster. He usually is around 6-2 and weighs 330. Rat isn't that kind of Dlineman. Yet he has played NT well, it's just that he gets burned out by the midle of the year. If you noticed, at the middle of the 3rd quarter, Josh Brent-Price was out there, and he was holding his own rather well I thought. This guy is our monster . 

 Lastly, I believe that Newman should be our slot CB, not Scandrick. I don't know where Cletis Gordon is, but they have Bryan McCann on our practice squad, and they both were our leading intercepting CB's during pre-season. Bring one or both back, and demote Scandrick to the practice squad. Jenkins feels like he never gets any safety help. He never does. That's why he committs pass interference penalties. He IS a great CB- trust me on that. That play where Steve Smith caught the ball, I saw Alan Ball with Jenkins, and that was the first time I saw Alan Ball around the ball ever this year (well, maybe a couple of other times too). The Cowboys really need to see what Barry Church and Danny McCray can do at the safety positions.

 Can Barry Church hold down the FS position? We have been asking these type of questions about the position since Darren Woodson retired years ago.

One thing is for certain- alot of fans will be very heated and angry if the some changes aren't made. I've already read alot of people write the sentence "Great- we played like crap, so they are not going to make any changes". What does that tell you about decisionmaking? Some changes should be made. This is not working. But I do believe that the defense can turn things around.

These are my opinion of what should happen on Defense.I don't know if people are going to think I'm crazy- I don't care. At this point, I just want to see some heart, desire, and determination to go out and hit somebody- anybody. Sorry Jacksonville Jaguars, but you are first on this list. Anything to get the juices flowing, and get a victory.

What's your opinion on what should happen to upgrade the defense? Inquiring Dallas Cowboy fans want to know..

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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