Best System for the Cowboys?

So a new coach is imminent.  And is Jerry wants to win back the respect of the fans after the Wade Philips fiasco he's going to have to hire a coach with a pedigre and that means letting that new coach bring in his staff and his system.

 So, looking at this team, what offensive or defensive schemes do you think fit the Cowboys' player personel or can fit the personel with a few changes (since those are coming already)?

 I have a few thoughts, but I'm more interested to hear yours.  My thoughts after the jump:

Offense:  Zone-blocking scheme.  I think a lot of the skill positions on the Cowboys set up very nicely for a Shanahan-derivative offense.  Romo has been at his best when he's on the move in space which the designed rollouts of that scheme create.  The scheme could help Felix Jonesbecause of the one-cut-and-go approach would allow him to use his speed to get up-field for more chances to make big plays.  Finally, Doug Freeseems like he excels blocking on the move and Kosier has the ability to play the scheme.  There's no way Leonard Davisor Colombo would be successful running stretch plays but, honestly, I don't know if they're successful running any plays anymore.  They need to be replaced anyway.

Defense:  4-3 friendly.  I think this team has a lot of the personnel to play a 4-3 and could adapt well to it.  Demarcus Ware is used to rush the passer a heck of a lot anyway, he'd have no problem as a defensive end.  I think Jay Ratliff would excel as a defensive takle in a 4-3 or in an undertackle role where he could get isolated on a guard.  Marucus Spears would relish the chance to be a strong-side defensive end.  I don't see a great second DT on this team, maybe Josh Brent could serve that role as he seems to be showing a lot of good things out there this year.

At linebacker Sean Leecould play the Sam or Will positions.  Bradie James' natural position is a Mike although I'm skeptical of his abilities to succeed at the position in 2010.  He could be the bridge for a year or two as a new Mike is developed.

I don't know where that leaves Anthony Spencer.  If Lee is at the Will maybe Spencer could take the Sam?  But I don't know what I think of him out in coverage a lot and not blitzing the QB.  I think he's left without a position in a 4-3 but I would be interested to hear others give opinions on him.

The secondary is a mess anyways, both safeties need to be replaced and the corners could adapt to a new system although I don't know if Newman would succeed in a Tampa-2 where he'd be in press a lot.

So that's enough of my brain-storming.  What do you guys think of the abilities of this team to adapt to new systems?  Do you think the current system is getting enough out of our players?  What roadblocks to you see to changing the offensive or defensive systems around here?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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