Let's Tank The Season

I am not suggesting we deliberately lose games, but we should start playing to set up 2011.   And this means not being afraid to lose games while testing changes for next year.

Wade is gone - so let's test Garrett 

I like Wade, he is a good guy that cares about his players and treats them like adults.  Notwithstanding last week he is a very good defensive coordinator.   But the fact remains he builds teams that always find new and exciting ways to lose - particularly in the playoffs.   I mean 5 turnovers and only 5 penalties and we still get blown-out.   Wade's coaching style does not create teams with the necessary discipline and mental toughness to win when it counts. I hate to say it, but Tex was right.

I know Jerry has never changed Coaches mid-season.   But we need to find a coach that can shift the culture of this team.   Right now Garrett seems to me to be part of the problem - his O is no better on these issues than the D.   Let's give him half a season to see if he can demonstrate an ability to shift the culture.

Let's also see if any of Wade's assistants have the ability to run his D.  I think a complete overhaul will only set us back - at a time when we have many pieces in place to compete.  

If the above don't prove to be the answer, at least we will know and will be in a solid draft position to give us a chance to fill some holes.

Let's test the young players

We have a number of potential holes and aging players.   Let's give Church, Lee, Costa etc some playing time to see how they go.  They will make mistakes but they will have real game experience - which will accelerate their development if they've "got it" - or make it clearer if they don't.  

Let's churn the bottom of the roster

This is a Parcells and JimmyJ approach that Wade has started to show a bit of.   Let's use the advantage of not caring about this season to churn the bottom of the roster and use those spots to raid other team's practice squads.  Maybe we can find a couple of depth players or even a diamond in the rough that can help the team next year.  

My biggest fear - this team that always seems to find a way to curdle the cream will mount a great comeback this season - just enough to fall short of the playoffs and screw up our draft position! 

Although if we have a chance to spoil the Giants season - that would be worth a few spots in draft position in my book....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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