Let's see what we've got

This is an "I love the Cowboys" post. By that I mean hard love. I would not be the man I am today if my dad would not have thrown me out and let me learn what the world is about; as a fifteen year old. Trial by fire, baby.

This season has been hard to swallow and like Slipknot, I believe All Hope is Gone. However, we are not mathmatically eliminated, which is essential to the team psyche.

No offense to Kitna, he played well enough when his receivers were catching what was thrown, but we need to see what is up with McGee. Waiting one more week would not be fair to him, because if we lose another game, the team is likely to have quit and he would not get a fair evaluation.

Brooking is obviously through. We know Ware and Spencer are starters. Lets see what what Leon and Jason Williams have got. What's with Stephen Hodge? And let's get Sean Lee up to speed...

Rest Rat, give Brent some time...

Don't get me started on the O-line... Please get on with the process of elimination.

Love me some Witten, but is Bennet a gamer or not???

What is Ogletree all about? Same with Jesse Holley. We know we have three good recievers (Thanks, Roy for proving me wrong!) maybe we can chum some trade bait or at least find out who is a gamer...

On a different note, and solely my opinion, Garret has got to go. His calls this season have changed a few games to the negative. How does Kitna have 82 pass attempts in a game and a half?!? Our O-line has not been consistently horrible in run-blocking this year. We have the talent at RB to create plays if given small holes, which brings up Choice. I believe this guy deserves an opportunity to prove himself, it costs us nothing.

Before the season I posted an article ( ) about mentality being this team's deficiency. (Sorry, tried to build link, but is kicking my butt,). The sludge has risen to the surface, and it's thick. Wade needs to go also, IMO (I'd say now but it would a leadership change would also skew the results of the team expirement,). Jerry needs to remove himself from daily operations, he admitted yesterday that all blame falls on him. My vote for next year's coach goes to Bill Cowher, simply because of his chin...

I forgot, Bring back Cletis Gordon (Use Bigg's roster spot,). Find out if he can still get to balls in real game speed.

We are currently looking at a top five pick next year, which is oddly sickening and exciting, like watching the old lady's banana show in Korea. I don't track college players too closely, as there are too many. I know a lot of you do, though. Who should I start watching? Any roster opportunities I missed? Votes for new coaches?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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