Romo plays defense?

When Tony Romo went down last week, I thought, "Man, there goes our ppg average."  I figured with as talented a group as we have, that Kitna could come in and score a few points.  He did.  Now, I didn't watch the game, as it was blacked out here, but it looks like the offense did basically what I expected.  Maybe they could have scored once more, but hey, first game with a new QB.

But someone tell me why Tony Romo going down means our defense gives up 35 points to the friggin' Jacksonville Jaguars.  Tony doesn't play safety, or cornerback.  I started to watch the game on the NFL game center thing.  I saw that Dallas had a 3-0 lead, and thought "Ok, first drive, new QB, field goal....not bad!"  Then, the first JAX drive looked like this:






So, I couldn't watch  the game, but I start to check it our on and see that the Jags first drive included (if I remember right) about a 35 yard kick return, followed by three or four long pass plays resulting in a touchdown. (I think there may have been a penalty, denoted by the backwards arrow, but who cares to remember?)

I was like, wait, no, this has to be halloween trickery on the part of   We lost Tony Romo, and now our defense is making David Garrard look like Peyton Manning.  I turned off my computer.


My answer as to why the defense played like this?  Simple.  Our defense sucks.  It has all year.  Why doesn't Ware or Spencer have more sacks?  Because opposing QBs have no trouble getting rid of the ball quickly, because the play of our D-backs is absolutely atrocious.  They have been shredded by every receiver corps they've faced.

I get really annoyed with my brother (Giants fan) because he keeps telling me Romo is terrible.  The beginning in week 2, the Cowboys scored 20, 27, 27, 21, and 35 points, but only won one game.  That is not the sign of a bad QB, that's the sign of bad, really bad defense.  We do, in deed, have needs on the O-line.  100% true.  But, if we draft a bunch of lineman and secure the line and throw up 30-40 points per game, it's not going to matter, because our secondary will give up that much and then some.

I don't know the answer, but I think it would start by trading Tashard.  I love the guy, don't get me wrong, but he isn't being used, and he's worth a draft pick or two.  Or maybe even trade him for a d-back, but I doubt that would happen.

Ok, Rant over.  Let me get your opinion.  Before Romo went down, do you think we had more of a problem scoring points, or defending against them?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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