Caveat- just my personal opinions I've been stewing over for the last 10 weeks. Feel free to agree or disagree as I avoid the obvious errors such as how the front office and coaching staffs are constructed.

1 - Not having a quality fullback. This cost Romo his season, and from the catcalls, runs the possibility of shortening his Dallas career. I can be talked into having a rookie back there, although there are so many fullbacks needing jobs I think they had choices. Having an undrafted rookie free agent back there, with this line?? Stupid.

2 - Not trying to sign a quality safety. We couldn't thrown money at Atogwe (as many of us here wanted) but decided to roll with Sensi and Ball. Stupid. There is a reason why Jenkins plays the way he does, because he knows the safeties are going to screw up nearly every play and leave him vulnerable.

3 - Flip flopping Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick two years ago as a way to motivate Jenkins. That may have worked, but look what it did to the promising Scandrick. It is completely in the realm of possibilities that 'missing' the opportunity to be the 1st stringer, ruined the confidence of a young impressionable player from a smaller school.

4- Trading Patrick Crayton instead of releasing Roy Williams. In player quality, it's safe to say that Roy is a better player. However, Jerry Jones has made SEVERAL roster decisions based on trying to save money on the backend (see #1 and future O-Line rants). Which would you rather have? Logan Mankins and Patrick Crayton or Phil Costa and Roy Williams?

5- Letting Flozell Adams go, to save money. You're telling me Flozell Adams does what Alex Barron did in week 1? That game right there is worth the cost of Flozell's salary in retrospect, isn't it? Especially in an uncapped year... again, I think our FO's management of the uncapped year was horrible.

6- Taking Dave Campo's opinion without a grain of salt on the state of this secondary. How can this secondary be THIS bad? Every move made seems to make this secondary worse. Seeing the state of the safeties, I can understand not wanting to give up on Church and McCray and AOA... but something is seriously wrong here. We have 3 rookie safeties and only 3 cornerbacks? Who thinks that's a good idea?

7- Am I the only one that knew that Marion Barber normally fails on short yardage plays? The Giants 5 for 5 was the anomaly, he really doesn't get these short yardage gains that we need and never has lived up to that part of his reputation. I'd much rather have seen Choice's ability to read blockers in there trying to get that TD before the half yesterday. It's been years of MBIII not getting the tough yard in those situations, far more than anyone with a power back reputation should.

8- Not having Felix Jones returning kickoffs- especially the first 4 weeks of the season when he was barely being used in the running game. I don't know how many of you play Madden, but Felix gets a KO return for a TD in at least 80% of my games. AOA has shown ABSOLUTELY no vision in his returns and is often tackled by the first man. Felix has a special talent in this regard that could've helped 1- the points total, 2- general field position. Better field position means less plays for the offense to self destruct. That's a good thing knowing this team, right?

9- Not trading Martellus Bennett for a #1 pick to Cincy a few years back. I mean, seriously... a #1 pick? Don't you trade most people that aren't former 1st round picks and not starting for you? I mean, he was that special you didn't think you could replace him with another 2nd rounder or later (like Phillips ended up being before this season's injury)?

10- Not realizing that the whipping in Minnesota in January was an indication of where this team really was, coaching wise.

11- Rotating training camps- the idea that we could form into a cohesive unit with no semblance of a set schedule. Three different training camp locations?? That was necessary? No, it wasn't- and it probably hurt us.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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