Wheel of Fortune: Draft Scenarios

This is really meant to discuss different scenarios that might happen, not to discuss the players because quite frankly there is too much that could change in the next few months to discuss that. I hope you enjoy though.

Scenario #1: Right Person, Right Spot

Let’s face it, Dallas is more than likely going to be picking in the top 5 if not higher. It’s easy to say, “take a safety or offensive lineman.” The reality is that there isn’t always linemen that are top 5 picks or safeties that are.  Now though, let us say that there is. Safety probably won’t be the case but lineman might very well be. Doug Free offers Dallas a good scenario. His emergence would allow them to pick a stud tackle, use them on the right side and if they are good enough they could flip with Free. This seems like the most likeliness if there is a top 5 lineman available.

Scenario #2: Best Player Available

This would be the option resorted if there is not a OL or S worth that spot and if there is no trade partner.  There are going to be intriguing options at that spot. You could look at one of the highly touted CB’s coming out this year, perhaps a DE with a high motor that can man whatever defense Dallas will be, or… possibly a QB. This is no way or form a knock on Romo. It would depend on the value. If you look at a QB that you think might be the next Peyton Manning, there is nothing wrong with preparing for the future. QB’s also are easier to flip down the line. I think that would be a very slim possibility but it is possible.

Scenario #3: The Trade Game

This might be a very good year for Dallas to be horrible. If there is a season next year, it is almost surely to have a rookie salary cap involved. There are also three QB’s that are expected to be picked in the top half of the draft. History has shown that teams are desperate to find franchise QB’s and it was reported that Mike Holgrem was attempting to trade his entire draft to get Sam Bradford last year. Teams will be more inclined to trade up if there is a rookie cap.

I’m sure there will be many more like this in the future, but hopefully this will spark some conversation

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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