At Least it could be much worse.

Depending on who you ask, the Cowboys are 1-6 or 1-7 on the season.  The reason why I say that is due to Jerry Jones's statement that we are 1-7 and an embarrassment to the league.  After the jump, the team that has it much worse than the Cowboys.

And the winner is the 2010 Minnesota Vikings.  I not only mean it, I preach it and it is due to the existence of Brad Childress.  His single action in putting Randy Moss on waivers is shocking to say the least and I don't buy it at all.  First a primer on how the waiver process works in the NFL.

1. The team's director of player personnel has to inform the league office that a player will be waived.

2. Teams get to make bids for the player in question that is on waivers.

3. The team that is highest ranked on the waiver board, in having the worst record among the teams trying to claim a player.

4. If a player isn't claimed from the waiver within 24-36 hours, he then becomes a free agent and the team that waived him is on the hook for the remainder of his salary.

Here is an example using the Cowboys.  In our case, the director of player personnel is Jerry Jones himself and he can waive any player he wants.  A recent fanpost made the case that Jason Witten could be cut or traded after this season in order to make this team a better one.  Jerry decides to do us one better and waive Jason today.  He informs the league office, and three teams make a bid on him in this order.  They are Minnesota, Kansas City, and the New York Jets.  Since Minnesota has the worst record among the three teams, Jason must play in a Viking uniform (horrific thought if you think about it).

Granted, the Cowboys aren't going to make any rash decisions on this team until the season is over.  However, today's reported cut of Randy Moss is a rash decision on the part of Brad Childress and is an embarrassment to the Minnesota Vikings. What makes this move super bad is the fact that the Vikings are having trouble with their receivers right now.  First the team lost Sidney Rice to surgery in the preseason, and then lost Percy Harvin to injury on Sunday.

Granted the trouble began when Randy Moss held an "interview" with reporters following the team's loss to New England.  In it Moss praised the New England organization and basically threw the Vikings organization under the bus for not taking his advice on how to attack the New England offense.

Now I know that inside information is not that great. Let's say that any given person might be a K-Mart employee one week and is a Wal-Mart employee four weeks later and gives Wal-Mart inside information on K-Mart's Black Friday plans.  Wal-Mart should reject that inside information and for good reason because they could be sued by K-Mart with that said employee in the cross-hairs.  On the other hand, If I am a head coach of any given football team, I am looking for all the inside information that I can gather.  If I happen to be a player that is facing my former team, I am telling my coach everything I know about my previous team, and if I am a coach that has a player that played for this week's opponent, I am calling that player into the office to get him to blab everything about that team.

As of 9 PM Central time, I am going on record to say that the Vikings are an embarrassment to the NFL.  They have not placed Moss on the waiver wire, but have waived him according to Brad Childress.  Given that the Vikings are in a world of hurt, as I stated, this move makes very little sense unless your goal is to get the first pick in the draft.  Also, the Vikings gave up a third round draft pick for Moss, and want to put him on waivers four week later?  Give me a break.  This move makes Jerry Jones look smart.  The Vikings still have a shot at a playoff spot, and I would be shocked if Brad Childress is still a head coach on Sunday and Randy Moss isn't in a Vikings Uniform.  At least the Cowboys are a better team than the jokers in Minnesota.  At 1-6 we are the best 1-6 team in NFL history.  All we need to do is put it together vs the Packers and we will be the best 2-6 team in NFL history.

Tuesday update: Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Moss has been cut by the Vikings due in part to a tantrum committed by him at a post practice spread on Friday Afternoon.  This only leads to more questions about Randy Moss and Brad Childress's leadership on the Vikings.

1. If the tantrum was the last straw, why didn't the Vikings, at the very least, declared him inactive for Sunday's game vs the New England Patriots with the intention of cutting him or putting him on waivers following Sunday's game?

2. What a heck of a locker room is Childress running over in Winter Park?

3. Finally, if the outburst was such a big problem in the first place, why didn't Randy Moss get suspended for the first half of the game vs New England in the first place?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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