Jason Garrett.

Jason Garrett is a Dallas Cowboy through and through. How many young OC's would turn down Head Coaching jobs at quality NFL teams like Baltimore and Atlanta to stay OC for their current team. Very, very few.

Why would Garrett do something like that? Because Jason Garrett is a Dallas Cowboy and to him being the OC here was better than being the HC somewhere else.

A chance at being the Head Coach for the Dallas Cowboys in a few years was better than definitely being the Head Coach somewhere else right then. Garrett's patience for and loyalty to the Star has finally paid off and he's got his chance. People have speculated that Garrett wouldn't take the job or would need to be convinced, Jason's response was clear; "He didn't have to persuade me at all", "Being the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys is a great job, it’s a great opportunity". I don't think there's a Coach in the NFL today who wants to be the Dallas Cowboys Head Coach as much as Jason Garrett does.

Bringing guys like Bill Cowher or John Gruden in may sound appealing but to me they're mercenaries. They've had their run and done well, now they looking for the highest paid gig they can get for a handful of years. Plus, Bill Cowher is a Pittsburgh Steeler through and through, do we really want a Steelers legend as our Head Coach? Every time I'd look on the sideline I'd just see a Steeler wearing a Dallas outfit. It just wouldn't be right.

My initial reaction after the Green Bay game was that Wade Philips is gone and that JG will get the job. As I posted on Rafael's site at the time my first thought was here is what you're inheriting Jason;

  1. with the exception of a handful of guys, everyone else on the team has completely given up

  2. you have the worst Offensive Line in football with zero depth

  3. your Secondary is currently the worst in the NFL

  4. your ILB's can not cover

  5. and your Front Seven can generate no pressure whatsoever

  6. your QB is a 38 year old backup

Since then more good news has rolled in;


  1. Marcus Spears looks like he's out for the rest of the year

  2. his replacements, Jason Hatcher and rookie Sean Lissemore, are also out

  3. new guys filling in are Jeremy Clark and Jimmy McQueen, both just signed off the street

  4. the woeful Safety spot just got thinner as AOA is out for the year

Let it not be said that Garrett hasn't got a mountainous job ahead of him.


But Garrett press conference has shown already that he's not taking this lightly. It showed a man who has been waiting patiently with the belief that he's ready for this. He immediately stated that he will put his stamp on this team and it will be noticeable around the Ranch right away. The concerns he expressed at the podium makes obvious that he was not a fan of the 'players coach' laid back style. This has already manifested a result; Dallas donned full pads in his first practice as Head Coach, something not done under Wade Philips.


I think it also shows some character and restraint that he stayed so low-profile. Garrett was apparently constantly unhappy with the lackadaisical practices and despite being obviously frustrated by how things were being run kept it predominantly to himself so as not to be seen as directly challenging Philips and causing a rift in the organization.


Garrett's direct and confident press conference reveals a man putting it all on the line. He's taken over a team that is currently the worst in the NFL in regards to effort and execution and the first thing he stated was that over the next few weeks the team will start to reflect his image.  He basically said loud and clear that he'll get these half effort guys giving full effort ASAP and it's his fault if he can't.  Certainly there was no excuses or woe is my situation talk here.  He's got 8 games to prove he's the future at the Head Coaching position of the Dallas Cowboys and he knows it.


I for one am rooting for him because I don't think there's another young Head Coach candidate who is more of a Dallas Cowboy and who more desperately wants to be the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys than Jason Garrett. So let's hope Jason becomes what Jason so obviously wants to become; the next great Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.


Some Videos;


Jason Garrett on Hard Knocks;


Jason Garrett in 1998. Troy Aikman had just gone down with broken clavicle the week before and Jason Garrett gets only the third start of his career in a Monday Night match-up with the Giants. QB broken clavicle creates opportunity, going to New York to play the Giants as first test – anyone else see the similarity here? That night Garrett did his part, 224 yards, 1 TD and no turnovers; Dallas wins 31-7.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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