Jason G: Machiavellian or loyal to a fault? Is this our guy?

There may be conspiracy theorists among you who might suggest JG wasn't necessarily looking to get the best performance out of his offence as Wade was sinking.   That he was just as much to blame as Wade and shouldn't have been rewarded for his poor performance.  

To me, this is a guy who was loyal to a fault.  That played his role as 2IC and always supported his leader.  He never tried to take any lime-light, never played the rah-rah guy on the sideline like he did last night.    From what we now understand of how practices are run, JG clearly didn't agree with how things were run, but never criticised or undermined his head coach.   Wade set the tone and JG did his best to operate within that framework. 

 There were a few  posters suggesting that JG wasn't popular with the players.   This is a guy who had as many (if not more) defensive players come up to congratulate him on his win.  These were players who were supposedly playing to try to keep Wade his job. 

This is a guy that took a 1-7 team that had lost all heart and got them playing with fire again.  They look like they are having fun again.  When have you seen Scandrick make a tackle in the backfield like that?  The O-line block like that?  Even Marty B with a great catch and run?   And to give the other coaches their props too - Eli looked genuinely confused trying to get a pre-snap read several times last night.   And they faced adversity several times during the game - they could have easily folded - but kept punching back . 

(Granted playing a team that did a fantastic impression of the Dallas Cowboys of the past 8 games - a lot more more yards than points; critical penalties that negated TDs and big gains; silly procedural penalties and errors from basic things like poor snaps and trying to do too much - like picking up a ball on your 20 instead of falling on it when you had the chance.) 

Importantly, this is a guy that I think can handle Jerry Jones.   7 years experience as a player for the Cowboys and 3 as a Coach - he comes in with a very good understanding of how to work with JJ.   This is a guy that looks to me that he is not about ego, he is about results, whatever he needs to do to get them.  This is a guy who can get great things not just out of the team - but out of Jerry.   Further - he has Troy in his corner - who has a lot of influence with JJ.  

Don't give us a SB retread Jerry.  No Superbowl head coach has ever won a second SB as HC of another team.   I think its just hard to have the level of drive and passion you need to do it a second time.    This is a guy that has the passion, the drive and the smarts to take us to the Superbowl.   As Troy said before the game, this a guy that has been planning for this day since he was a player. 

Jason was not looking at a good situation.   JJ did not want to change HC's mid-season.  If JG gets to the end of the season on a team with a couple of wins, with an offense struggling to perform without its starting QB, with an aging O-Line.  JJ likes shiny things - its going to be awfully tempting to go for a nice, shiny, high-profile Superbowl winning coach like Gruden or Cowher.  Now at least he has a chance to prove himself - and we don't lose him like we did Payton etc. 

This is a guy who looks to me like he is going to be much better head coach than he was a coordinator (and I think he was a pretty good coordinator).   I know we are less than a week into JG's tenure, but based on the early returns I think its pretty clear that this is a guy to take us forward (just don't win too many more this year Jason....)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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