KDP's TEN FOR TEN: Wk 10 results, Wk 11 contests, pics and predictions


Thanks again for joining us here on KDP's weekly NFL/Gaming blog: TEN FOR TEN


WHOOOOOooooOoOoooOOOOOoOoOoOooO!!!!!!!! We won a game! And in an awesomey goodness kind of way. The Cowboys reminded us that they are still worth rooting for by supplying a much needed victory over the hated Giants. You know what the best part of the game was? Everything. The worst part? Not being able to do it again. For the record, when the lights went out, I told my boy Waldo (Giants fan) that someone in Jerz did that 100% on purpose.  Living in DC- the weekend was capped off by what I have to say was the most dominant football victory I've ever seen in my life. Dan Snyder gave McNabb $70 million and the team collectively said,"WTF- haven't you been watching this dood all season? 70 Million????? SEVENTY!?!?!?!- we're doomed." Then they came out and gave up- how great was it to see DeAngelo Hall doing his Terrence Newman 'throw ya hands up' imitation?

Don't forget- when it's all said and done in 35 years, remember that 'KDP was the first one to give you the opportunity to pledge your allegiance to the Jason Garrett era.' I said it many times, Garrett will be a much better HC than O-Coordinator and pretty soon people will be wondering if he was sabotaging Phillips because this team is about to reign supreme, ya dig!?!?!


Week 2: 2-0

Week 3: 3-1

Week 4: 1-3

Week 5: 2-2

Week 6: 4-3

Week 7: 1-6

Week 8: 1-2

Week 9: 2-0

Week 10: 2-1


It took 3 weeks to make up for that ego-driven week 7 record, but I feel a lot better about the advice I'm giving over the last few... I predicted 12 of the 14 games correctly, only missing on the Jets/Browns game (OT) and Minny(Favre's 138th injury of the season)-- that's right, I predicted Buffalo's first win, every single late and night game, plus the over/under on the two NFC east games...  I should have my own toll-free number!


Denver (+10, the over)

Denver @ San Diego (-10)(O/U: +-50.5)

#1 rule- teams rarely cover double digit spreads. Denver just put up 59 points on the KC defense. Me thinks they will be able to score on the pourous SD defense enough to keep things within one score by the time the final whistle blows. I love San Diego, but that defense is just putrid. A small caveat, they had a  bye week, but one thing the Cowboys and Redskins have taught us, is that teams in turmoil don't handle the bye week well. Not confident enough to predict a upset, but the score will be close, and there will be lots of points.


Indianapolis (+3.5)

Indianapolis @ New England (-3.5)(O/U: +-50.5)

Still not sure if Indy is going to win this game outright, but New England blew it's wad last week IMO. Their defense is sooooo susceptible, and Peyton Manning and his traveling mash unit are coming to town. I'd consider the under, because this is going to be one of the first cold weather games of the year (game time temp of 28 degrees) but think the final score will be 27-24 and that just ain't worth the risk. I don't think Indy loses by more than a field goal here.



Cool, so on to TEN FOR TEN. You know the game. A 10 team parlay of all straight up bets will often result in winning $10,000 for  a $10 bet. I make one of these bets every week and the contest here is to see who can be the first to go 10 for 10. Pick 10 winners of any game on the week 4 schedule. Here are the results for those that picked last week. The number in (parenthesis) after the name indicates their total score going into the week. The way things are shaping up, I'll award a prize to the first person that goes 10 for 10, AND the winner at the end of the season.

 Also, if you had picks from previous weeks that aren't included in your total, I drop anyone that didn't pick last week. Just make a reply and I'll look up your past total and put you back on the leaderboard. You'll be behind in the season race(not weekly), but who knows.

Last weeks best picker: KDP+9- Guess I should have picked the Atlanta game instead of Minny! If I did pick Atlanta I would have probably taken out the Patriots game, so I wouldn't have been 10 for 10, but that is the high mark on the season for the contest.

Overall leader: BishopWest +65 is still rocking the fedora of excellence around these parts, but that gap is closing now. KDP sits at +62, lxblssng and scotcowboyfan are at +60. Hey, if the Boys can't make the playoffs (and that isn't out the question believers) this can be a neck and neck race.



BishopWest (59): +6

lxblssng (55): +5

Creasy729 (54):+4

scotcowboyfan (54):+6

KDP (53):+9

Deef Chief (53):+4

Benthere(51): +6

thebigham (50):+5

levcd (50):+4


AperfectStar(48): +

IMHO (47):+4

cwby4lf (46):+5



Static (35): +5

Jeremiah24 (31):+

1Bullseye(31): +3

demonbane(23): +

Xailin (21):+

UTexan(21): +5

Alexcomestokill(14): +

Dewkee(12): +

fan since '65(11): +4

Damsammit (7): +

jstaubach (7): +4

Rohpuri(0): +5



Chicago @ Miami

Baltimore @ Carolina

Houston @ NY Jets

Buffalo @ Cincinatti

Cleveland @ Jacksonville

Green Bay @ Minnesota

Washington @ Tennessee

Arizona @ Kansas City

Detroit @ Dallas

Oakland @ Pittsburgh

Seattle @ New Orleans

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco

Atlanta @ St. Louis

Indianapolis @ New England

NY Giants @ Philly

Denver @ San Diego



Unknown Model




Rosa Acosta





Buffie The Body



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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