Fan Poll: Interim coach - do we need one - and who?

It is 100% clear that Wade is gone at the end of this season.   Question is should he coach out the balance of the year - and if not -  who takes over?   I am curious as to what other fans think. 

JJ has never fired a HC during the season - and states he is not going to this time.   However, there has never been a season where the Cowboys have fallen so far short of expectations so early in a season.   So what is to be gained by keeping a lame duck HC on board?  Surely it would be better to make some changes to set up next year?   Or do you risk making changes prematurely - e.g. cutting players that may be worth considering by a new coach with a new scheme? 

Complicating this is the fact that there is a real risk that there may not be a season in 2011 - or at least a highly disrupted one.   Why sign up an expensive HC for a season when they have nothing to do?

So what are the options?

My personal choice is to give the Red-headed Genius a chance.  He is not a Wade appointee - he is Jerry's guy.  While I think he bears a share of responsbility for the state we are in AND we need someone to break the current team culture - something hard to do when you have been part of it - I do think he deserves some chance to run his own ship.   However, I would be extremely concerned that Jerry gives him a season or two to prove himself - lets rather test him now and see if he can make any signs of progress. 

Some people are calling for a more fiery disciplinarian type a la Joe D.  However, he is Wade's guy and special teams have been an issue this year (although he has had his units depleted from last year)

As a DL coach, I presume Paul P is a fiery guy.  He has had some co-ordinator experience at Miami - albeit unsuccessful but he may have learned from that.   My choice for DC. 

The one unit that is performing is the WR's (apart from a few drops).   I have a lot of respect for  Ray Sherman.  He has been OC before for a high-performing Minnesota O.   My choice for OC. 

I am not sure there is anyone else on the coaching staff that warrants HC consideration, even on an interim basis.   Maybe keep it in the family with Wes?  Or give Campo another go?   [and before you flame me I am not being serious....] 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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