Fantasy Football Projections, Week 11: How Do The Cowboys Look?

Dude, seriously, start me in fantasy this week, I promise to hook you up.

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So how has your fantasy football season been going? A lot better than the Cowboys actual season, I hope. My season is remarkably average; two leagues, identical 5-5 records in both.

How do the Cowboys players project in fantasy this Sunday? We checked projections.

#6 QB: Jon Kitna - Kitna has become a hot name for rosters that have QB problems. The Cowboys offense turned yards into points against the Giants, and Kitna's numbers were sparkling. The number six ranked QB may be a little high, but the Lions defense can be had if you can get the front blocked.

More projections below..

#16 RB: Felix Jones - Finally, a Cowboys running back is deserving of a respectable ranking. Jones' efforts last week were rewarded, his 71-yard burst for a TD and his feature back status have propelled him back into the rankings.

#45 RB: Marion Barber - Looks like Barber is the short-yardage and 'closer' back in Garrett's scheme, his fantasy value will rely on scavenging short touchdowns.

#11.WR: Dez Bryant - We all know what Bryant has done, supplanting Miles Austin as the Cowboys top producing receiver. Kitna and Bryant have chemistry, and Dez finds himself knocking on the door of fantasy (and real) stardom.

#13 WR: Miles Austin - His targets are down, but he can still produce. Last week he scored a TD that largely went unnoticed by everyone except the coaching staff, who gave him an "atta-boy". We've been blinded by Dez, but Austin is still very dangerous.

#51 WR: Roy E. Williams - After a hot start and renewed production when combining with Tony Romo, Roy's numbers have fallen dramatically. He's still making some good plays, but the opportunities are going to other guys.

#9 TE: Jason Witten - Witten had a mini-resurgence when Kitna started, but that connection has cooled recently. Witten seemed to spend a lot of time helping the protection last week, we'll see if Garrett unleashes him this week.

#13 K: David Buehler - Buehler has looked shaky recently after a pretty consistent run, and even Garrett said he was being evaluated.

#16 D/ST: Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys defense has been a disappointment, to say the least, but a very strong showing against the Giants, including scoring on their own, has raised their fantasy profile just a tad. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

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