Cornerbacks?! We don't need to Draft no Stinking Cornerbacks!

Before the Cowboys went on this two game winning streak, a lot of people were saying that Dallas needed to draft a cornerback to replace Newman. Now I am not saying that is still not true, because Newman is on the wrong side of 30, Jenkins appears a lot less Revis-like, and Scandrick, while he has shown life, probably will stay our #3 CB for a while. However, I want to talk about two other guys that play CB for the Dallas Cowboys, Bryan McCann-o-Whoop-@$$ (thanks to Incredifan for the suggestion, I will be using it, but want to try and stay with in Guidelines) and Teddy Williams

Now we all know the story of McCann by now. Small, fast guy who seemed to have a knack for the ball during preseason and TC. However Dallas cut him during the final cuts, trying to get him on the PS, but Baltimore grabbed him off waivers. However, he was released and placed on the Cowboys PS about two weeks later. He was activated to replace AOA as the primary kickoff returner, but injuries continued to mount for the 'Boys and McCann started against the Giants. The rest as they say is history.

Now a lot of people may or may not remember Teddy Williams. He was one of those guys that Dallas brought in during TC mostly as a project. He was a track star in college but had not played football since high school. However he got a few minutes in during Preseason, and played well. He managed to clear waivers, and is still on Dallas's PS. After the Jump I will be looking at both of them and comparing them to Dallas' current starting two, Newman and Jenkins.

Here are some tidbits about  Bryan McCann: 

10 career interceptions with SMU Mustangs.

Sophomore (2007): Started all 12 games, playing at both corner and safety... Had 59 tackles, seven pass breakups and four interceptions on the season... Recorded nine tackles in the opener against Texas Tech... Returned an interception 51 yard against Rice

The awesomeness that is Bryan McCann:

Here are some tidbits about Teddy Williams:

Williams clocked a head-turning 4.31 in the 40-yard dash, putting him in elite company already. By comparison Tennessee running back Chris Johnson, widely considered the league's fastest man after his 2,000-yard season last year, recorded a 4.24 at the pre-draft combine.

Williams is  the UTSA record-holder in the 55, 60, 100 and 200.

Just a glimpse of Teddy:

Now I said I would be comparing McCann/ Williams to Jenkins/Newman, so here is a  comparison of their 40 dash Time, height, weight and age.

Player      40 yard dash        Height/weight       Age

McCann           4.28                5-10/189                23

Williams          4.31                6-3/189                  22

Jenkins            4.38                5-10/200               25

Newman          4.37                5-10/193               32

Scandrick         4.32                5-10/194              23

The thing that stands out most is Teddy's height. He is actually taller than both Miles and Dez (6-2 according to most sources). Also the thing that surprises me is Jenkins' speed. I knew he was pretty fast but I was thinking 4.4-4.5 type speed, not 4.38. Now a lot of people will say that Newman no longer would run a 4.37, however even if that is true I bet he still can clock somewhere between a 4.4-4.45 which is still fast enough to keep up with 90% of the WR's in the League. Although I tossed in Scandrick's stats just for comparisons sake, I was reading his draft analysis and something caught my eye, see what you think about it especially the Bold and Italic Section:  

Negatives: Needs to upgrade his overall strength and physical receivers have had success pushing off him (struggles to reroute bigger opponents in press coverage) … Has very good timed speed, but he lacks explosion and suddenness coming out of his breaks or when redirecting (takes extra steps) … Looks awkward in transition when he gets too high in his backpedal … Is slippery when avoiding blocks in backside pursuit, but if blockers gets into his jersey, he is easily washed out … Does not have the upper-body strength or hand jolt to disengage … Will ankle-bite or take a side when tackling and needs to do a better job of facing up and breaking down taking on ballcarriers along the perimeter … Perhaps due to his rolling start, he does not close with great urgency, especially on plays in front of him … Gets a lot more pass deflections than pass thefts due to marginal hands (traps the ball or lets it into his body rather than reaching and plucking for it), but has the timing and leaping ability to compete for jump balls or to elevate when attempting to block kicks … Struggles with route recognition and, when he gets back in the zone, he will eyeball the pocket too long or bite on pump fakes … Must not allow so much cushion, as his lack of explosion out of his breaks can make him a step slow in recovering when a receiver gets behind him.

And why did Dallas keep him in the slot for so long?  When it plays to one of his greatest weakness?  As we saw in the Giants game, Scandrick is a pretty good outside corner, where pure speed can overcome a lack of quickness. However I digress, sorry for the rant.  

I hope this sheds some light on the future of Dallas's secondary. And know that it is fast hands...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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