Ask-A-Colts Fan

Good day fine gentlemen (and women?),

We are THE Colts fans of SBNation and we would love to spend some time with you guys to talk about the upcoming Colts-Cowboys match up this coming Sunday. We are going to partner this thread with a Troll-A-Colts Fan where you will all be invited to make fun of the size of Peyton's forehead our how the current Indianapolis Colts looks like a MASH unit from WWII. But here we would like to keep it to football discussion. Who will play, who won't, will Romo be ready for the game, that kind of stuff. With that being said please ask away and we'll do our best to provide you with the answers that you seek. Hopefully you can answer some of our inquiries as well. 

  1. I will be establishing a second thread this season entitled Troll-A-Colts Fan to work as a sister-thread to this one. It will be a place where you can go and bash Peighton Menning and his big-headed mama to your heart's content.
  2. Please try to keep the questions and answers football related. Example of a football question: How do you think the loss of Dallas Clark will affect your offense Monday? Example of not a football question: Heard you guys lost Dallas Clark for the season. You gonna' cry, baby? GO ON! CRY BABY! CRY!
  3. No attacks please. Let's try to keep this thread civil. Please don't personally attack posters, teams or players. There's a whole other thread for that. If you feel yourself starting to grow angry enough that you feel you have to vent, go to the other thread and scream, "F#$@K THE COLTS DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!@!!!!!!!!!!!@!11!" all you want. I encourage it and will probably have more posts on that thread than anyone else.
  4. I have no power here. I can't shut down this thread or delete comments, and if I did have that power I wouldn't care to use it. It's not my place to take people to task on this site, for that I look to the other members of this community. It's your job to let others know when they cross the line.

I hope all of your questions get answered to your satisfaction, and may the best team win.

Thank You For Your Hospitality,

Colts Fans

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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