House cleanup. Who needs to go?

There're still some games left to be played, that's for sure, and this team would like to win the remaining games (were you really expecting to see the Eagles, Giants and Packers not winning another game in their schedule?), so there's still some football to be played, but we can draw conclusions from this REALLY flawed year.

So, let's come up with a list of who needs to go and why.


Jon Kitna: A lot of folks would prefer to say that the 2 losses against the Saints and Eagles are the fault of Roy Williams and the DBs (in that order), but I'll say that Kitna also has a lot of fault. Throwing 3rd down passes 2 or 3 yards before the 1st down marker and in the wrong shoulder... The receiver has to return, make the catch and motion forward, what about throwing in stride? Speeding things up too much when the rush isn't a factor... He's a serioulsy flawed QB.

For this year he's a good backup, next year he's a progress stopper.

Leonard Davis: He's worse than the old Larry Allen. Accountable for 3 or 4 pancake blocks, accountable for handfuls of plays of him just there, occupying space.

Marc Colombo: His knees are done, the guy is though and tries real hard, but his limitations are easy to see.

Roy Williams: The guy has progressed and makes some though catches, but his contract is a little too rich for a 3rd receiver and he isn't THAT dependable.

Coach Hudson Houck: As a guy in direct charge of the OLine, he's responsible of developing young talent and keeping the level of play of his unit above water. His OLine was sinking under Wade, Garrett's new approach has them playing a flawed game but better overall and the only project that has worked is Free (and he came close to not making it when Houck arrived as he regressed badly without Sparano in charge). Fails to keep them playing at a high level and fails to develop new talent? How can Garrett justify keeping him?



Igor Olshansky: From time to time, from watching him, you just get the idea that he doesn't even know where the ball is and he's just there pushing someone or occupying space... He had an awful 2nd half in yesterday's game. He's big and strong, but having bad awareness is a big no-no when you're playing DLine in a 3-4.

Keith Brooking: Tries hard, harder than anyone on the team, but he needs to retire.

Alan Ball: I would be fair to him, instead of demoting him back to 4th CB, I would allow him to test the FA waters to see if he can get a 3rd CB job somewhere else. Safety he is not.

Coach Dave Campo: Quick question: The DBs have something in common, what is it? They're playing much worse than last year. I wouldn't make a decision of letting someone go, strengthening some else, without looking at the guy in charge of them.


What do you think? And who needs to be resigned (Spears, Hatcher?)?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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