Draft Math...or what can the Cowboys do to improve the team

Well, it seems that Dallas is going to end up with a fairly high draft pick in next year's draft. Seeing as there are only three games left in this season I feel pretty confident saying that Dallas will be picking at the 8 spot in next year's draft. Now this may change but I highly doubt it will change that much, considering that most sites that I have found that are updated recently, have had Dallas at the 8th pick for the last few weeks.

I will be laying out a few scenarios that are based upon this. Now the site that I use most is Walter, mostly because they actually update their Mock Draft each Thursday. So the picks that I will be mentioning are based from there....  Also I will be using the Draft Value chart for any trades that are made. Now there are not any complete scouting reports but here is what I could find (name is linked). Well, enough explaining lets get to it:

Scenario 1: Stay put. Draft Marcell Dareus, DE/DT, Alabama. From what I understand Dareus could be that Premier Pass rusher that will pull the double teams away from Ratliff and Ware thus allowing them do what they do, which is create havoc.

Scenario 2: Trade up, draft Nick Fairley, DE/DT, Auburn. Fairley is considered the best DE/DT in the draft and should be a a player similar to Suh. However, to move up to get Fairly would require us to give up our 2nd rounder. According to the value chart, our 8th pick is worth 1400 and the 4th pick is worth 1800. Our 2nd rounder would be worth 500 thus allowing us to move up to the 4th spot to get him.

Scenario 3: Trade up draft either Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU or  Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska. Newman is well over 30 years old, and has obviously lost a step. Not to mention that he has never been a "ballhawk" but has consistently been a corner that opposing QB's never really tested. Drafting Prince instead of Petersen might be better as he could be moved over to the safety position, thus upgrading that position. Also Petersen likely will be going with the 2nd pick thus we would have to give up not only our 2nd but also our 3rd and 4th rounders to move up that far. Prince could be had with just our 3rd rounder. 

Scenario 4: Trade down Draft O-line ... lots of O-line. The first O-line to be taken looks to be around the 17th pick. If Dallas trades down to around the 15th pick and picks up an extra 2nd rounder (47th) in the process, then they'd be able to use those to trade back up (using various other picks) to get the other top O-line. If we did this then we could come out of the Draft with Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State (15), Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin (24) and still have a 2nd rounder(39) plus our 5th and 6th rounders which would then allow us to get some help on the D-line/secondary. Case in point... Dallas could use its 2nd rounder to get either Rahim Moore or Deunta Williams to replace Ball.

These are the scenarios that I foresee happening. However we are talking about Jerry Jones, so frankly anything is possible. I know that this is a very early prediction however I am fairly confident that one of these scenarios will come to pass. And Remember....

Knowledge and Skill overcome Superstition and Luck- Dawn Patrol Motto

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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