KDP's TEN FOR TEN: Wk 14 Results Wk 15 Contest, ATS Predictions and the Cowboys Recap




Member Name Total Entering Week 13 Correct Week 13 picks Current Total Notes
BishopWest 88 8 96 Been leading the way for a long time!
Benthere 83 7 90  
Creasy729 83 6 89  
KDP 82 5 87  
lxblssng 80 6 86

For those familiar with this post, welcome to a little different format. For those unfamiliar, welcome to 10 for 10! You'll find a Cowboys recap, a contest not as easy as it seems, some ATS pick advice (for fun if you aren't at a Sportsbook of course) and some other stuff. jstaubach was the first person to correctly pick 10 out of 10 games correctly, so I awarded his prize, adjusted the contest and kept it moving. Feel free to jump in the contest if you haven't participated yet. As usual, REC IT IF YA LIKE IT!


Cool, so on to TEN FOR TEN. You know the game. A few years back, the first 10 team parlay of  straight up bets I ever placed would have won just over $10,000 for a $10 bet. So I coined it KDP's 10 for 10. I make one of these bets every week and this contest here was to see who can be the first to go 10 for 10. Pick 10 winners of any game on the schedule. Straight up, no point spread, any 10 games you like.

I am going to have a 2nd chance contest- because let's face it, up until Garrett took over, this was the highlight of my season- SOOOOOOO.... The first person to correctly pick 10 for 10 AND get 3 correct "OTHER GAME" picks out of the 6 remaining games (go 10 for 10 and 3 for 6 or better) will win a prize... I think it was a pretty good contest that it took until week 11 to win.


Member Name Total Entering Week 13 Correct Week 13 picks Current Total Notes
BishopWest 88 8 96 Been leading the way for a while!
Benthere 83 7 90  
Creasy729 83 6 89  
KDP 82 5 87  
lxblssng 80 6 86  
scotcowboyfan 81 5 86  
IMHO 76 7 83  
cwby4lf 75 7 82  
One.Cool.Customer 73 8 81  
levcd 77   77  
Deef Chief 73   73  
1Bullseye 58 8 66  
Static 57 8 65  
JLMax09 61   61  
thebigham 61   61  
AperfectStar 48   48  
jstaubach 39 7 46 Only person to pick 10 out of 10 this season!
Utexan 34 7 41  
fan since '65 30 7 37  
Rohpuri 29 6 35  
Zy Torro Young 15 8 23

If you haven't competed in a few weeks, just link me to your last total and I'll update the ranking to include you next week.


LIST OF WEEK 15 GAMES (best format for your picks is to copy&paste, then bold the winner)

San Fran @ San Diego

New Orleans @ Baltimore

Arizona @ Carolina

Cleveland @ Cincinatti

Washington @ Dallas

Jacksonville @ Indy

Buffalo @ Miami

Philly @ NYGiants

KC @ St Louis

Detroit @ TB

Houston @ Tennessee

Atlanta @ Seattle

Denver @ Oakland

NYJets @ Pittsburgh

GB @ New England

Chicago @ Minnesota



Last two weeks have been rough- last week I was especially hurt by Jeff Fischer's now infamous meaningless TD. Go here to Bill SImmons if you want to relive the betting misery. Everyone I know had Indy taking that game by more than 3. Anyways, it's a new week so let's see what we can do against the spread.

Last Week: 2-3

Overall This Season: 24-26

Chargers (-9)

San Francisco @ San Diego (-9) (O/U: +-45.5)

I try to stay away from double digit spreads, so fortunately this one comes in right under the threshhold. The Chargers have won 4 of their last 5. In each win, they've covered the spread. San Fran is 2-4 on the road ATS and they are planning to send Alex Smith into San Diego? Against that defense? Against this team In December? Chargers by more than 10 as Vincent Jackson has a "remember me?" performance on Thursday night football. I need that too, as he's in my starting lineup for the first time all season and it's go time for Fantasy Football.

Eagles (+3 or outright)

Philadelphia @ NY Giants (-3) (O/U: +-46)

Tough game to call, but you all know I don't shy away from these, I jump right into traffic! I think Philly gets the season sweep here. They are FAR superior at the quarterback position, but I think the G-Men will have the most talented football player this game in Hakeem Nicks. I look for Nicks to grab 2 TDs like he did repeatedly early in the season. No Steve Smith though, and my opinion might change if Manningham is a go, but I see Philly with the straight up win in this game, so history doesn't matter. Add in the crazy long weekend the Giants had... yep, Philly wins. Take them straight up and earn a little extra coin.

Bears (-Whatever)

Chicago @ Minnesota (line not posted yet)

Look whatever the line is, Chicago will win by more than that. Think of the week the Vikings just went through. They were blown out, after a game was delayed because their home stadium collapsed. Because of that, they now have to go outside against Chicago, who just got throttled and will be looking to bounce back. They were without Brett Favre, and now it looks like Tavaris Jackson isn't playing. They brought in Patrick Ramsey to compete with Joe Webb.  Whatever the spread Vegas determines once the QB picture clears up, I'm figuring to go with the Bears.

Cowboys Under -46

Washington @ Dallas (-6) (O/U: +-46) I'm tempted to give the points, but not sure if we win by 4 or 7 here. I'm going to probably only tease the spread on this game, no parlay action, as I know Dallas is the better team, but this is a rivalry game. Look for Dallas to win, but whether it's comfortable or not is hard to predict based on Washington's effort. If they do start Rex Grossman, I'll feel better about giving 6 points, but the line will probably move as soon as that gets announced. This is one of those 'Cowboys Faith' bets if you give up the 6. But the under, that I feel good about. I don't see this game getting any higher than 24-20, unless we are blowing them out and keep them under 14.Probably tease this too just to play it safe, but for the column, I taking under 46






It's Skins week ladies and gentlemen, and nothing is more exhilarating for me than Skins week. As most know, I live in the DC area and have for 98% of my life. Majority of my friends and local family are Skins fans- so there's nothing I like more than beating them down and taking bragging rights. More importantly, there is nothing I like more than taking their loyalty money. When we lost in the 05 season, after taking 14 of 15, I referred to it as having to pay taxes.Two favorite memories? 1-15 and Aikman to Rocket. The last one, I got to clown 10 friends out my apartment and into the street from my 7th story balcony. Worst memory? Brunell to Moss. Had to kick those same 10 friends out my next apartment. That's how this rivalry goes.

Coming off the Philly loss, you can see what I was left wondering about by going here. Here's what I left knowing. Dez Bryant is an amazing talent that D Coordinators have been and will continue to scheme against. You can tell the difference between a good backup (Kitna) and a franchise quarterback (Romo) in the things that can't be called anymore. Sean Lee is going to be a monster if he can stay on the field. Monster. No matter what anyone tells you, we don't know the true talent of our running back trio, because this offensive line is the most hot and cold unit I've ever seen in my life. The offseason stuff we learned about Miles Austin playing the slot, turns out to be that they were forcing it as opposed to seeing an opportunity. He is meant for the outside.

So with that said, I look for the Boys to win this game on Sunday, doing what Tampa Bay couldn't and that's take advantage of no Haynesworth and run right up the gut on and through Washington. Witten will continue to get the lions share of first reads, but Austin will have a positive day. Looks for 85 yds or more and a TD if you are considering him for FF. Tough if he is still your WR1, solid this week if he is your WR2. Enjoy the games and as always,


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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