Your Weekly Cowboys Draft Update - 12/23 edition

Not a lot went right for the Cowboys last week as it relates to their draft position.  However, they only dropped to the eighth position.  They should destroy Arizona on Christmas night, so I’m still expecting to draft around the 11th or 12th position.


Where We’ll Draft – If the season ended today, Dallas would draft 8th, according to  This would still be ok, but I really hope we don’t drop any further.  Here are the records of the teams vying for a top 10 pick:


Carolina: 2 - 12              Remaining schedule – @ Pitt, @ Atl        Predicted Record:  2-14

Denver: 3 – 11               Remaining schedule – vs Hou, vs SD       Predicted Record:  3-13

Cincinnati: 3 – 11           Remaining schedule – vs SD, @ Balt       Predicted Record:  3-13

Arizona: 4 – 10              Remaining schedule – vs Dall, @ SF       Predicted Record:  4-12

Detroit: 4 – 10                Remaining schedule – @ Mia, vs Minn     Predicted Record:  4-12

Buffalo: 4 – 10               Remaining schedule – vs NE, @ NYJ      Predicted Record:  4-12

San Francisco: 5 – 9      Remaining schedule – @ StL, vs Ariz      Predicted Record:  6-10

Dallas: 5 - 9                   Remaining schedule – @ Ariz, @ Phil     Predicted Record:  6-10

Washington 5 – 9           Remaining schedule – @ Jax, vs NYG     Predicted Record:  5-11

Houston: 5 – 9               Remaining schedule – @ Den, vs Jax      Predicted Record:  6-10

Minnesota: 5 – 9            Remaining schedule – @ Phil, @ Det      Predicted Record:  6-10

Cleveland: 5 – 9             Remaining schedule – vs Balt, vs Pitt      Predicted Record:  5-11

Seattle: 6 – 8                 Remaining schedule – @ TB, vs StL        Predicted Record:  6-10

Tennessee: 6 – 8           Remaining schedule – @ KC, @ Indy      Predicted Record:  6-10

St Louis: 6 – 8               Remaining schedule – vs SF, @ Sea       Predicted Record:  8-8

Oakland: 7 – 7 (to NE)    Remaining schedule – vs Indy, @ KC      Predicted Record:  7-9

Miami: 7 – 7                  Remaining schedule – vs Det, @ NE       Predicted Record:  8-8


Games this week that could assist in Dallas’s draft position:

Hou @ Den – Need Houston win

Det @ Mia – Need Detroit win (but a Miami win ensures they finish ahead of Dallas)

NE @ Buff – Need Buffalo win

Dall @ Ariz – (Always hate to say this out loud) Need a Dallas loss.

SF @ StL – Need a SF win

Tenn @ KC – Need a Tenn win

Wash @ Jax – Need a Wash win

Minn @ Phil – Need a Minny win

Balt @ Cle – Need a Cle win

Sea @ TB – Need a Sea win

Indy @ Oak – Need an Oak win


Let's hope at least 4 of these happen.


As I’ve mentioned, I’m predicting we draft around 11th.  Not bad, but probably out of range for one of the elite prospects.  There seem to be 6 - 8 prospects with “Top 5” talent in an average year.  So, it's top heavy.


Here’s my analysis on the elite prospects:


QB (3) – Andrew Luck, Stanford; Ryan Mallett, Arkansas; Cam Newton, Auburn.  Some might disagree, but Jake Locker doesn’t seem elite to me.  For those that hate on Newton, swap out Locker.

HB – None.

WR (2) – AJ Green, Georgia; Julio Jones, Alabama

OL – None.

DL (3) – Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson; Nick Fairley, Auburn; Marcell Dareus, Alabama;

LB (1) – Robert Quinn (DE/OLB), North Carolina;

DB (2) – Patrick Peterson, LSU; Prince Amukamara, Nebraska;


Just outside:  WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State; DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa; OLB Akeen Ayers, UCLA; RB Mark Ingram, Alabama; DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue; DT Stephen Paea, Oregon State, OLB Von Miller, Tx A&M; CB Janoris Jenkins, Florida; and maybe DE Cameron Jordan, Cal.


Here are some of the “expert” drafts I found posted recently:


Source                         Date Updated               Draft Pos          Player

WalterFootball               12/23                            1.8                    CB Prince Amukamara, Neb

WalterFootball               12/23                            2.39                  FS Rahim Moore, UCLA

WalterFootball               12/23                            2.76                  DT/DE Christian Ballard, Iowa          12/20                            1.7                  CB Janoris Jenkins, Florida          12/20                            2.38                  DE Greg Romeus, Pitt          12/20                            3.71                   G Justin Boren, Ohio St

New NFL        12/20                            4.103                SS Jeron Johnson, Boise St

New NFL        12/20                            5.131                ILB Kelvin Sheppard, LSU                 12/16                            1.7                    DE Cameron Jordan, California

Sports Fantasy Guide    12/15                            1.7                    DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

Draft King                       12/12                            1.8                    CB Prince Amukamara, Nebr

Footballs Future             12/19                            1.7                    DE Marcell Dareus, Alabama


These are interesting, if nothing else.  But let’s take a look at who was picked (or in some cases, who was available) with the 11th pick, assuming that’s a more realistic pick for the Cowboys:


Source                         Date Updated               Draft Pos          Player

WalterFootball               12/23                            1.15                  DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue          12/20                            1.13                  DE Marcell Dareus, Alabama                12/16                            1.14                  DE Marcell Dareus, Alabama

Sports Fantasy Guide     12/15                            1.14                  DE Allen Bailey, Miami

Draft King                     12/12                            1.13                  OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA

Footballs Future            12/19                            1.12                  DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa


The mock draft I pay most attention to is from WalterFootball.  Their projections and write-ups are excellent.  I really loved their first two picks for Dallas in CB Prince Amukamara and FS Rahim Moore.  Yes, I know that wouldn’t address the Offensive Line, but I think it would do a long way in shoring up the Defense.  When you look at Dallas’s rankings, it’s the Defense that’s been killing them.


If Amukamara is there, I wouldn’t even consider trading back.  I would already have the card filled out a few slots before we drafted.  However, if he is gone, I am warming up to the idea of moving back a little and picking up a pick or two.  There are several mid-first round type O Linemen.  And if we could get either FS Rahim Moore or FS Deunta Williams in the second round, I think it might be worth it.  Here’s one possible scenario:


Dallas trades their 11th pick and 5th round pick to a team wanting to move up for a QB or WR for a mid-1st rounder and 2nd rounder.  Then in the first two rounds we would have roughly:


1.17  OT Derek Sherrod, Miss St

2.41  FS Rahim Moore, UCLA

2.48  CB Curtis Brown, Texas (or C Kris O’Dowd, USC)


That doesn’t look so bad either.  Ok, your turn.  Would love to hear some interesting theories from you guys.  Go …

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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