KDP's TEN FOR TEN: Wk 16 contest, ATS predictions and the Cowboys Recap




Opening the thread up without most of the content as this has been a busy week- I'm sure for the rest of you. You all have been great participants and it's much appreciated for making this first run pretty succesful- I think everyone seems to have enjoyed the contest. So here are the Week 16 games. I'll update the leaderboard (BishopWest is running away with the title- make your picks wisely!) and make my  ATS predictions during the day tomorrow. I stay away from double digit spreads, and with a banged up Rothlisberger and no Polomalu I think Carolina could make it closer than the 2 TDs. Probably not, but worth staying away. At -1200, no point in taking the Steelers straight up without rolling it into a tease or parlay.

jstaubach was the first person to correctly pick 10 out of 10 games correctly, so I awarded his prize, adjusted the contest and kept it moving. Feel free to jump in the contest if you haven't participated yet. As usual, REC IT IF YA LIKE IT!


Cool, so on to TEN FOR TEN. You know the game. A few years back, the first 10 team parlay of  straight up bets I ever placed would have won just over $10,000 for a $10 bet. So I coined it KDP's 10 for 10. I make one of these bets every week and this contest here was to see who can be the first to go 10 for 10. Pick 10 winners of any game on the schedule. Straight up, no point spread, any 10 games you like.

I am going to have a 2nd chance contest- because let's face it, up until Garrett took over, this was the highlight of my season- SOOOOOOO.... The first person to correctly pick 10 for 10 AND get 3 correct "OTHER GAME" picks out of the 6 remaining games (go 10 for 10 and 3 for 6 or better) will win a prize.




Carolina @ Pittsburgh

Dallas @ Arizona

New England @ Buffalo

NY Jets @ Chicago

Baltimore @ Cleveland

Washington @ Jacksonville

Tennessee @ KC

Detroit @ Miami

San Francisco @ St Louis

San Diego @ Cincy

Houston @ Denver

Indy @ Oakland

NY Giants @ Green Bay

Seattle @ Tampa Bay

Minny @ Philly

New Orleans @ Atlanta


ATS QUICK PICKS (12:54pm eastern)

Washington +7 on the road in Jacksonville

San Fran +3 in Saint Louis

San Diego -8.5 on the road in Cincy

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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