Biases? Pasqualoni's not enough? And more.

We're Dallas Cowboys fans, other teams fans would yell that we're one of the most biased fanbases... And looking at the 2007 Pro Bowl and how several players have gone to it in other years without really deserving it (Roy "Thong" Williams), it's really hard to argue against it...

But in reality, the fans count for only 1/3 of the total votes, players and coaches can stop a player from going and they didn't.

And that's the main idea behind this post, the Coaches and Players have a chance to right a wrong, a wrong that the other fanbases have accomplished because of their own biases, the bias against the Cowboys and it's players.

I'm talking about the Pro Bowl, in an awful season it's easy to understand why many fans in Cowboys Nation didn't wanted to vote, what isn't easy is the reasoning behind other teams fans for not voting for several players deserving of making the Pro Bowl when they wear a Cowboys uniform... Unbelievable... Ummmm, wait, I do know how something like that can happen... But I would be digressing, so on to the topic at hand:

Jason Witten:


Among TEs he leads the League in catches and yards and he leads the NFC in TDs. Those are the big stats. He also has more than respectable numbers in yards per catch (11.1) and 1st down pct (53.7).

And he's the 4th TE in the NFC?


And furthermore, most of his stats come from playing with Kitna and when the Offensive Line can't pass protect for long, so they have to go for short yardage and Witten is the best bet.

The Cowboys are a recipient of hate, that's the only reason that can explain why Witten is below Tony Gonzalez, Chris Cooley and Vernon Davis.

Jay Ratliff:


He's a NT and, even when he's in kind of a down year for him, he still has 4 sacks, 8 QB hits, 6 Tackles for loss and a lot of pressures.

Does he deserve to go in front of Ndamukong Suh? Of course not! But he deserves to go in front of any other DT in the NFC (Babineaux - Atl.; Dockett, Ari.; Coffield, NYG.).

And, stats wise, he's the best NT in the League, so if Wilfork is deserving of making it, then Ratliff is a no brainer.

Mat McBriar:




Which is the best stat when you're looking at a punter? It's the net average, which takes into account the point in which the Offense would start from, not the total distance that the punt traveled. You can punt 70 yarders on a regular basis, but if the returner takes the ball back 30 yards, you would suck as a punter...

In net average, McBriar is the best in the League by a full yard.

Outside of this 3 guys, the only guy that deserves a Pro Bowl trip is Ware and he will make it, he made it 2nd in OLBs behind Clay Matthews and I can't fault anyone for that, they're the best OLBs in the NFC.

The Coaches and players have the ball in their court, they can right a wrong, they can send Pro Bowl tickets to 4 Cowboys players that deserve the trip, even if that brings claims of unfairness and bias in other teams fanbases.


Want a new Defensive Coordinator? I'm looking at Green Bay.


Everyone knows about Dom Capers, his contract expires after this season and the Packers have to make the call if they want to retain him or not.

But, why wouldn't they retain him? Because they have been developing someone and they will either promote him or let him walk after this year, that's why Capers was signed to a 2 year deal, only. They wanted to give him more experience under a defensive mastermind.

His name is Winston Moss and he's a LBs Coach and Assistant Head Coach. That assistant title means that other teams have sniffed in his direction, so other teams have seen him and know that he has a future, and the Packers promoted him and made him a highly paid assistant. He also has experience as a player and he was a good one. And he has experience coaching LB under Haslett, a Capers protege, in New Orleans and experience coaching 4 man fronts in Green Bay before the move to a 3 man front under Capers.

For a team like the Cowboys that uses even and uneven fronts in a regular basis, that experience could be valuable. Furthermore, he's recognized for his leadership skills and for leading very productive LB units for years now.

Among the many prospects that may be available for the Cowboys in the coming months, this guy deserves to be considered.


3-4 DE? Bruce Smith played as a 3-4 End at 275 pounds?


It's the truth, in his rookie year Bruce Smith played the part of Chubby Checkers and exploded to the high 290 pounds weight mark and wasn't the explosive self that he was in College. In the Offseason he decided to drop that weight and the coaching staff welcomed a slim and truly disruptive guy.

That guy broke 200 sacks and he's one of the best pass rushers of all time.

I'm warming up to the idea of Da'Quan Bowers as another high DE prospect because he has the power and explosive first step to make it work in an attacking 3-4 scheme, I would still prefer Fairley and Cameron Jordan because they have the size and quickness to also be explosive, but Bowers has become a nice and welcomed 3rd option in my draft board.

104489918_display_image_medium 110889-file


I want some of that from a 3-4 DE, what about you?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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