Fantasy Organization

      Many on BTB are involved with fantasy leagues and by the comments posted many do very well. While reading two great posts by tdships and tansfaal I wondered if it might be interesting to build a fantasy organization. We have great stats guys on this site, but I am not one of them. As we all know, behind the stats it comes down to people. Change the people and change the stats.

      What you see on the field is a normally a direct reflection of mainline of the organization. This is not meant to be a beat on Jerry post, but the cohesion of the head office is critical.Is there a plan in place for longterm sustainability. Is the team as important as the business. What would be the legacy of this team. I would like to break it down this way.

    1  Financial- Is the organization willing to spend what it takes to win. Are the contracts given smart, so longterm problems are not created if things do not work out. Is there the flexability to get a needed piece without causing other problems.

     2  Scouting and evaluation - This is key. Does this organization have the right people here. We have seen what happens to teams with numerous bad drafts and FA pickups. Does the head office people have faith in the people in this area.

     3 Coach - Does this coach reflect the team you want to build. Can he lead. Can he motivate. Is he someone who wants to stay longterm to maintain continuity. Can he make the best use of the players obtained. Is he willing to speak out if and when mistakes are either in personel or games in a professional manner. Can he get and OC and DC who will be on the same page with him and the type of team that is being built.

     We all have our opinions of other organizations in the league as well as our own. There are good organizations with good people behind them. If you were building a new team which would you try and get.


       My own opinions are as follows :

  1] Financially I like the Patriots. They never seem to get hosed for big dollar longterm contracts that will handcuff the team. Yes, they pay Brady big bucks, but draw the line at overpaying most others. They seem to always be planning for next year. Parting with veterans to keep the team young and getting picks for the veteran is almost given. There is risk in that, but if you trust your scouting a younger unproven player in warming up in the bullpen. If not you plug in a FA on a short term contract.

  2] Scouting is something Pittsburg seems to do well. Many draft days they have ended up with players that I had hoped we would take. They don't all work out, but many do. Dallas is more hit and miss. How can you keep finding undrafted players and keep cutting your third and forth round picks, but they may have help from Jerry.

  3] Coach- For Dallas, I am in the Garrett camp. I wish Jerry would stop with some of the assinine comments. Garrett has all the tools to bring continuity to the team longterm. He is smart and has the history with the team and that means something. He is not as cold as Belecheck, but not as wishy-washy as Wade. I hope he leans to the Belecheck way, because of his success.


   Build your organization. Give reasons if you wish. Hopefully have fun.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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