Oh my, Another obligatory Draft post. What should we do?

As the season dwindles down, and all hope of post-season success having been gone for sometime now, on to the most discussed subject in football.  The Draft. 

It always seems to be the one thing that gets talked about more than any other event in sports.  Maybe it's because of the new hope a team will garner, or maybe it's just the offseason there isn't much else to talk about, but it always seems to take our complete attention away from everything else (even non-football related crap...not that anyone cares about anything non-football related) during the offseason. 

You always end up saying, this could be the most important draft ever...well..I don't know about that this year, but it is definitely one that we can not afford to miss on any picks.  This team had pretty much everyone of its flaws exposed, and even flaws we didn't know we had, this year.  Everyone knew our line was getting older, and back in '07 and '08 it was a small topic of discussion that "Hey, these guys are getting older, maybe we should start investing in some replacements". Well, we didn't.  In my opinion, we never really had much chance to.  When we did attempt to with later round picks, we wiffed on practically all of them, minus a Doug Free and a few guys who the jury is still out on.  I place the blame for missing later round draft picks on the scouting department, and by virtue of being the guy who gave them their positions, Jerry Jones.

Our defense..well, that was a shock.  I mean, I expected Alan Ball to play like he has..honestly.  When he was on the field as the 4th corner my cousin always called him Alan "Where's The" Ball.  I just never thought he had what it takes, and placing him at safety was a long shot from the get go. I thought Gerald Sensabaugh would be able to maintain his average to slightly above average play (and in some games he has) but for the most part, he has been disappointing as well. I expected a decline in Keith Brooking's play, but not too much from anyone else.  "Almost" Anthony Spencer has pretty much been just that.  I think we all assumed he just really needed it to click and he would be money, and at the end of last season it looked like we had gotten our wish.  Well, he fooled us all didn't he?  Guy's like Mike Jenkins, well..I still have hope for him based on previous seasons...but talk about just 100 percent horrible play. 

What does all that leave us with?  Well, it leaves us with 5 wins so far this season and the worst statistical Cowboys defense ever, pretty much.  So now, the one thing we have, is something to look forward to...which is...The Draft.  It's up and down what people think we need to do, draft a CB or DL first seems to be the logical choice, seeing as, according to most mock draft boards, there are no o-lineman in our area worth spending the pick we'll have on.  I'm on board with that, I wouldn't mind seeing a nice transition of Jay Ratliff at end, give the kid Josh Brent a shot in the middle (I stand by my statement that this kid has all the makings of a beast 3-4 tackle) and either a rookie at the other end, or Spears if we keep him.  Unfortunately it may be Spears going and Igor Olshansky staying..I am, however, not on board with that.  Not a fan.  Of course, this all depends on an easy transition to end for Ratliff, as well.

One thing I would not be to upset out.  They were talking on the Cowboys Lunch Break the other day about something that could very well happen, and I liked the possibility.  We are sitting there at (we'll just say for the sake of saying)  pick number 7 or have a team with that 13th or 14th pick who really need a QB..I would love to trade back that 6 to 7 spots and gain another second rounder in the process and hopefully pick one of the better O-linemen coming out with that mid-first rounder.

It's still to early to really tell who is going to end up going where.  Luck to Carolina is almost a sure bet, but we don't really even know if Luck is coming out this year.  If that doesn't happen, that can shake up the entire board something fierce. There are still underclass man who are going to declare and the combine and pro days to get through.  The landscape of the entire draft could change over the next few months.  For now, I'll leave you with a legit site for declaring underclassmen, and a spot to discuss all things draft, including your scenarios, dream picks, and trade possibilities.

Here is the website, and enjoy!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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