J2's review : Week 13

Before I start this weeks review lets take this time to make a silent prayer to one of our own, Don Meredith, who died yesterday at the age of 72. Hes a 3 time pro-bowler, a member of the Cowboys ring of honor, and holds the record of most passing yards in a single game. R.I.P. Don your memories will be with the Cowboys faithful forever. 

Recap :

Now Don would like us to be happy for our beloved Dallas Cowboys after a hard fought victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The Cowboys took this game 38-35 in overtime on a field goal by David Buehler. He made 3/4 FG's the long being a 46 yard kick. Ironic that he missed a 59 yard attempt last week he makes the game winning kick this week. Hes still a project in his first season as the Cowboys kicker. 

The gameplan was very simple. We were going to run and run often. We had 46 carries and only 26 passes.  Tashard Choice shined in his chance to get more carries for the rest of this season and next. He had 19 rushes for exactly 100 yards, and a touchdown on our first possession of the game. Hopefully we get to play more rush defenses like Indy in the up and coming weeks. Okay not likely, but yesterday was one of our best running games of all year. We rarely run the ball that much anymore and it worked. Running the football makes the defense confused. You open up the pass this way. Garrett seems to have the offense figured out. Why? The Cowboys average 33.3 points per game. 

This week the offense was doing all the scoring. The Cowboys picked off Peyton Manning four times, two of them resulted in pick 6's and the other two resulted in points of some sort. While the defense has been getting more turnovers since the firing of Wade we've let up more total yards. In 2011 we'll have to figure out a better defensive scheme. For now I'll pick my poison and take the turnovers over less yards given up per game. 

STAR of the Game : For the player who Cowboy'd up this week

This weeks STAR of the Game goes to Sean Lee. Lee intercepted Manning twice yesterday. He returned one interception for a touchdown and another was tipped by Mike Jenkins into Lee's arms. That eventually led to David Buehler's game winning field goal. Lee is our 2nd round pick out of Penn State. Hes battled through injuries and the defense looks a lot better with him on the field. Better than Keith Brooking at least. Honorable mention Tashard Choice for his first 100 yard game.

GOAT of the Game : For the player who absolutely played horrid 

This weeks GOAT of the game is Peyton Manning. Wow never thought I'd say that, but Peyton isn't so hot as of late. Hes thrown 11 interceptions that past 3 weeks and the Colts are on a 3 game losing streak. He threw 4 interceptions to the Cowboys yesterday. Two to Lee, one to Ball, and one to Scandrick who took it to the barn! Its funny to see Kitna QB rtg - 99.4 Manning QB rtg - 75.4. Nice job Garrett, the second Manning face of the year! And our second Peyton Manning face in the past 4 years.

An awesome week indeed for the Cowboys. Next week we host the rival Eagles. We play the Eagles twice in our next four games. Last year the Cowboys beat the Eagles three times. Twice in the regular season and once in the playoffs. You all must remember how we snapped the playoff win drought in our new stadium. Back to back blow outs in Texas vs. the Eagles. 

This year we're on opposite sides of the ball. The Eagles are 8-4 and we are 4-8. We might be the scariest 4-8 team in history as of now. We beat some good football teams and we're a stripped fumble away from beating the Saints. Many Eagles fans won't admit it, but they're scared. At least a little bit. I really haven't seen many Eagles games this year, but their defense looks the same. Meaning the same players. Overall their defense has improved. Like always they're very quick, but like I always say the Cowboys offensive line is huge. I think they're the second biggest line in the NFL. A key to the Cowboys success last year was the line giving Romo all day long to throw. 

The Eagles secondary's job got a lot easier now that Dez Bryant is out with an ankle injury. This season just isn't all candy canes and unicorns like many of us expected. I still think our pass game is one of the best. Miles and Witten have been clicking and Roy isn't as bad as people around here say. Hes actually good. 

On the other side of the ball though this game could spell trouble. We have been creating turnovers, but Vick has rarely turned the ball over this year. The Eagles give their elusive QB a lot of time plus his scrambling ability. This could mean bad things if we don't get to the quarterback. Demarcus Ware and Ratliff will be the key to this Sundays game. Force them to make mistakes by pressuring them. I'd love to ruin the Eagles season by beating them twice. I'd take a split though. 

Game predictions : Cowboys and prime time games

Cowboys 24 Eagles 23

Jaguars 18 Raiders 13

Vikings 27 Giants 20

Patriots 30 Bears 17

Chargers 28 Chiefs 14

Weekly Discussion : NFL Lockout 2011 

I was going to discuss the Great 88 Debate about Dez Bryant and how he compared to the other great Cowboy players who wore 88 in their career, but that can wait. Plus theres been plenty of Dez Bryant posts and the NFL lockout is a real possibility now. Smith from ESPN says "I still feel that a lockout is coming in March." The NFL players union is most likely the cause of this. Unions are the cause of all evil and it will require the players to take a cut. I know this league isn't the safest, but you make millions of dollars playing football. A little reduction in pay wouldn't hurt. The players have been told to save their final 3 game checks in case of the lockout.

If there is a lockout there will be a ton of angry fans and people. Yet the NFL will still make $5 billion. The NFL has t.v. ratings that the NHL would love to have. Yet there is a bunch of negatives to this. You might see a bunch of scrubs playing for your team next year. Which would still be football, but it would be a joke. Imagine 40 year old men playing football for league minimum. 

Most likely the league will shut down until a new labor agreement is reached. The main problems in this not getting done is the 18 game schedule, rookie wage scale, and increased drug testing. When I think about it both sides have good arguments. Goodell wants money overall. What will produce money? More games. Adding on two extra games hurts the players though. You'll see more injuries and shorter careers. You might also see record single season numbers being broke. I say no 18 game season because 16 is good enough. The rookie wage scale? Well is it fair a guy like Sam Bradford to be the highest paid QB before he takes a snap? No. Hes a talented player, but he doesn't deserve that money yet. Drug testing? The league should know that the players are getting bigger legally and are not hurting their bodies for their future. After all these players are investments for the owners.

In conclusion no 18 game schedule, yes to the rookie wage scale, and yes to increase drug testing. Your thoughts?

Dallas Cowboys Place Kicker David Buehler Celebrates

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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