KDP's TEN FOR TEN: Wk 12 and 13 results, Wk 14 contest, pics and predictions... I'M BACK!

Thanks for continuing to tune into my weekly slice of NFL Heaven...



Hey folks, gotta send you all a big apology for the lack of content over the past two weeks. But we're back and better than ever, just like our beloved Cowboys that are averaging 34 points a game with a backup quarterback. BTW, I'm seeing the articles and posts about Kitna being a better option than Romo, McGee being the next Manning/Vick and I gotta say... ummmmmm no! Romo isn't perfect, Romo isn't guaranteed to take us to the SuperBowl, but I can say without a doubt that Romo is a better option than either of these two. Hopefully his time on the bench have been spent seeing the things Kitna does that he does not, and with all the QB coaching around him, has taken and processed that information and will turn the corner from above average to elite. I think it's perfectly reasonable to think that Romo had plateaued in his mind and maybe sitting out half a season and seeing someone else's approach to the weapons he is blessed with will do something for him. Romo seems to be an intelligent person, let's hope he is learning! 


In other news, Tashard Choice finally got the touches most of us have been pining for. If you remember from the game threads a few years ago, I am one of the biggest Choice supporters out there (Felix too, been trying to phase MBIII out for the last two and a half seasons). Remember my 'Screw the Cheerleader, Run the Rookie, Save the World' mantra that grew on you? OK, maybe it didn't grow on you, but that didn't stop me :) Well Choice shined in his opportunity again and looks to vulture more carries from Felix. Whatever happened to all the formations that had multiple RB's in the backfield??? Can we get some of that? I'd rather see Choice highlighted more in Dez' absence than Roy WIlly and Kevin Ogletree... I'm just saying, play your talent.


JG seems to now be the consensus choice amongst the fans... funny how a month changes things. I could only find 10 or so people ready to stand up with me and declare their confidence in Garrett's HC skills. Now he is the toast of the town... Things like that, in a season as difficult as this has been, make me feel like a proud papa... unfortunately that is probably the same feeling that Jerry Jones gets- except it's safe for me to conveniently forget all the predictions I make that turn out incorrectly. When JJ does it, it hurts our team because he forgives himself in advance for boneheaded decisions and statements like "Choice isn't playing because of Special Teams mistakes". Wait, your actually saying your evaluation method puts more stock into blocking Devin Thomas than it does in running through Pittsburgh's, Baltimore's and 2 other defenses in a 4 game stretch as a rookie? Really Jerry?

Special Shout outs to Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Bryan McCann and the rest of our rookie class-- you all are making your college coaches extremely proud.

As always...Go Cowboys!



Week 2: 2-0

Week 3: 3-1

Week 4: 1-3

Week 5: 2-2

Week 6: 4-3

Week 7: 1-6

Week 8: 1-2

Week 9: 2-0

Week 10: 2-1

Week 11: 1-2

Week 12: 2-1

Week 13: 1-2

Overall: 22-23, come on... I gotta get over the hump that was Week 7!  So we're going jumbo with 5 picks in Week 14!


Colts -3

Indy  (-3) @ Tennessee (O/U: +-45)

Chris Johnson will have a huge game, but that's about it. Look for Jacob Tamme and Reggie Wayne to combine for over 200 yards tonite and the Colts make their division title push. Javarris James will probably have 12 yards and a TD too. They really miss Joseph Addai but should be able to get this victory by 4-7 points at least.


Bucs -1.5

Tampa Bay (-1.5) @ Washington (O/U: +-41)

The Redskins suspended the only person on their team that is interested in stopping the run. Hello LeGarrette Blount! Jacobs had 8 carries for 100 yards and 2 TDs... imagine what a younger version of him will do!?!?! Loving the Skins downfall at the same time as our ascent (I live in the DC area)... Tampa probably won't make the playoffs but they always beat bad teams you have to love this groups tenacity. Big blow losing their center and Talib for the season, but I think they can survive Anthony Armstrong.

Browns +1

Cleveland @ Buffalo (-1) (O/U: +-39.5)

Buffalo's effort is a weekly gamble in itself, but I think that Peyton Hillis is just going to be too much for this not very good Buffalo defense.


Patriots -3, Over

New England (-3) @ Chicago (O/U: +-41)

In what I think is the premiere matchup of the weekend, look for Tom Brady and company to solidify their hold on top of the polls as the NFLs best team. The defense has steadily been improving (not yet good, but decent enough) and that offense is back to being a juggernaut. Cutler will score 2 TDs for the bears, but New England will get at least 4 TDs if they utilize all their weapons... Welker, Woodhead, BJGE, Branch, the two TEs and Tate


Here come's the contest, REC IT IF YA LIKE IT!!!

DONT FORGET, THE "SEASON TOTAL" part of the contest is still going!!!! Also, I am going to have a 2nd chance contest- because let's face it, up until the last two weeks of victories- this is all I've looked forward to this season! SOOOOOOO.... The First person to correctly pick 10 for 10 AND get 3 correct "OTHER GAME" picks out of the 6 remaining games (basically go 10 for 10 and 3 for 6 or better) will win a prize... let's just call it raising the stakes. I think it was a pretty good contest that it took until week 11 to win.

Cool, so on to TEN FOR TEN. You know the game. A 10 team parlay of all straight up bets will often result in winning $10,000 for  a $10 bet. I make one of these bets every week and the contest here is to see who can be the first to go 10 for 10. Pick 10 winners of any game on the week 4 schedule. Here are the results for those that picked last week. The number in (parenthesis) after the name indicates their total score going into the week. The way things are shaping up, I'll now award a prize to the first person that goes 10 for 10 plus 3 for 6, AND the winner at the end of the season.

 Also, if you had picks from previous weeks that aren't included in your total, I drop anyone that didn't pick last week. Just make a reply and I'll look up your past total and put you back on the leaderboard. You'll be behind in the season race(not weekly), but who knows.

Last weeks best picker: 7 peeps tied with +9!

Overall leader: Bishop West +88


THE LEADERBOARD: '+' figures are for the last two weeks...

BishopWest (73): +7, +8 = 88

KDP (70):+6, +6 = 82

lxblssng (68): +4, +8 = 80

scotcowboyfan (68):+7, +6 = 81

Creasy729 (65):+9, +9 = 83

Deef Chief (66):+7, + = 73

Benthere(66): +8, +9 = 83

thebigham (61):+

levcd (62):+6, +9 = 77


IMHO (59):+8, +9 = 76

cwby4lf (59):+7, +9 = 75

One.Cool.Customer(58):+7, +8 = 73

AperfectStar(48): +

Static (49): +8 = 57


1Bullseye(42): +8, +8 = 58

Jeremiah24 (31):+

UTexan(34): +

fan since '65(22): +8 = 30

Damsammit (12): +

jstaubach (21): +9, +9 Best streak of the season, +28 over three weeks!!! = 39

Rohpuri(13): +7, +9 = 29

Zy Torro Young(8): +7, + = 15

Jeterian2(0): +7,


Week 14 Games:

Indy @ Tenn

Cleveland @ Buffalo

Atlanta @ Carolina

GB @ Detroit

Oakland @ Jacksonville

NYGiants @ Minny

Cincy @ Pitts

TB @ Washington

St Louis @ New Orleans

Seattle @ SF

Denver @ Arizona

New England @ Chicago

Miami @ NY Jets

KC @ San Diego

Philly @ Dallas

Baltimore @ Houston










Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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