Oh, and to the tar and feathers brigade

Oh, and to the tar and feathers brigade...

Now, loved Cowboy buddies of mine, I love your heart...but I won't bend intent to suite the crowd and their sense of ownership in concepts...I tell you where you miss mark on MY view.

First, to present the degree of involvement associated with a man's first has to encompass the magnitude of the struggle involved. In the case of Jerry Jones, that plate of consumption is more of a platter...and to remove a huge amount of ignorance of just how intensive an undertaking it involves. Well, it takes just getting much of the facts out there. That takes a sizeable amount of effort as well as approaching a realistic description....time and volume. I address the general consideration of Jerry as the GM here.

Now, in priortizing relevance of something, the source who is talking has NOTHING to do with the concept involved. The concept is what you scrutinize, and source isn't limiting on truth. That part of it STANDS on it's OWN merit, completely disjoint of your perceived personality presenting something. A great man can wear humble clothes and STILL be great due to principals involved. My friend, don't fall prey to social attachments of they change with the wind. Truth is truth no matter the clothings involved. That stated, fine clothes don't pollute perspectives as well...only bad habits do that. It is what it is despite personality attached.

Stick with me here, this is demonstrative in nature. Now, as far as sticking with the intensity of a Scout and his faith in a player...that scenario has played out for quite a few previous and more recent players for the Cowboys as well. I loved the story about faith in Emmitt Smith. The facts are not that it was the sole 'baby' of the Scout, as presented in a recent article, who was a good one. Fact being presented by myself, was that the 'walk on water' view of Jimmy Johnson and in the face of a co-equal participant being ignored concerning that same Jimmy wanted a linebacker and was ready to pay as huge a sum for what ended up a 'wasted' in comparison, pick - and having to pay a king's ransom for him as well. Sound like maybe a certain Cowboy's two firsts on Galloway or a Roy Williams type deal to you? It does to me. That one going to Jimmy...and he wanted him far above Emmitt.

Now, Jerry listened and worked with his coaches then, as he does now. When efforts to acquire Jimmy's pet linebacker fell short, and the linebacker was picked, Jimmy wanted to throw the kitchen sink at him. He wanted to still get him. It was then, with full knowledge of Emmitt's level of talent, that the Dallas draft room, both Jimmy and Jerry, decided to point towards the REAL need of Dallas. Then, they attempted to get their quality back. As the article DID point out, they then decided on approach, and in the face of a tendency to drain from the pool of available runners, to move up and secure Emmitt. That was the truth of it, as was stated....not all depending upon imput by a particular fan.

That imput was heeded as to focus, and agreed upon as to value in Emmitt form THAT point. But, given enough opportunity to have paid the king's ransom, JIMMY would have pulled the trigger and LOST. Ending up with a much less than Hall of Famer instead...and the Triplets NEVER formed. That is the 'luck' of the situation although.

My point here, although, was of tempering degrees of involvement and to clarify the developmental process to specifics of roles with Jerry. He has a ton of personal experience and depth of application in the very specific arena of correctly reading opportunity for personnel and the degrees of variations involved in decisions. These decision windows of opportunity are very short in deliberation and long termed in effect.

Jerry, as has been stated by many observers, IS very sharp and atuned to values involved now. He also is as capable of pulling a deal as ANYONE in the field today. That part is WAY under appreciated concerning the same, JERRY JONES. He's NO ONE'S fool...don't kid yourself here. It applies to his role as a GM as well.

Now, relationships of effectiveness of franchises is extremely immortalized in these parts. A stronger view of how the stars are reflected in franchises today, is being misrepresented somewhat. Also, the specific reasons detracting from success, is being given a gross and inconsequential consideration as to effect as well.

Allow me to paint a CLOSER to reality comparison for a start point...

In the past DECADE, ONLY the New England Patriots, in 2003 and in 2004, were able to REPEAT as Super Bowl Champions. Over the past NINE seasons, all NINE winners of the NFC Championship Game have changed from the previous year's winner. That is extreme COMPETITION at the NFL level now. Winning at the top levels is NOT totally dependent upon whether or not capable leadership is involved. If not for a upstart Giant team, the New England Patriots might have given us a real example of an exception to this tendency, but alas, they merely went to show how precarious the relationship between great and 'lucky' really are in this NFL.

This quickly points to the credability of a general level of success as being the best indicator over the long haul. Here, despite NOT winning more over past 'recent' years, there was still a discernable levels of at least respectable successes as well. I have NO WHERE run to the label of Super Bowl Rings, as the 'charges' have been thrown at myself and implied I was the 'wart hog' for doing. That would have invalidated, if used as an end all measurement, to my very implication. That the reasons for failure was not so much due to sorry coaches and a destitute GM, but due to changes in the makeup of the team following the Dynasty period with the Dallas Trilogy.

The very breakup of those three lingered over a five to six years, but the effect of that breakup caused the decline...NOT Jerry or the Coaches themselves being that poor. THEN, the burdens of Cap loss minus player carried on for an additional THREE seasons, before REAL upgrade and direction could be added as well. That was the CHANGING elements incumbant in the NFL was being forged. Giving the depth of expertise in cap management, that Jerry's son is now given 'guru' reverance for having developed through. That was the learning curve, but it went to Jerry as GM as well. 'Naivety' would ignore that aspect in Jones.

Chan Gailey had a period of winning regular season, and a limited success in the playoffs, but the Dallas 'special' skills players were being plucked out of the product. Then Campo inherited a mess, as expectations and moral of the team emploded prior to complete cap fallouts. Now, THAT is fact the team then progressed slowly back to Bill Parcells, who was then needed after the falling from grade of a Dynasty to one of building upon base levels of principals and direction once again. That required time to change and juggle opportunities while still trying to win as much of the prize as could be managed. Slowly again, Dallas headed up the ladder of successes.

These factors go to the consideration of credability and a realistic appraisol concerning attachments with Jerry Jones as a GM.

Now don't kid yourself here. That transitions had to rely upon Jerry Jones and his sought for advisors and personal ears confidences that he had acquired in the field for a long time. Jerry has TREMENDOUS imputs as to talent, football information, as well as application of talent and concepts. He has ALWAYS sought out advice and listens very intensely. As some fans point out, he is a very intelligent as well as observant person. From his very days in the oil fields, he can formulate tremendous opportunity out of the whisp of a scent eminating from the ground itself. He is able to forge tremendous direction and success as the whisper of success hits his senses. Does anyone succeed always in such an environment of the NFL? NO, as I have just pointed out, that just isn't the lay of the competition with system supporting elements in the present.

If OWNERS are smart, they won't tamper in a stability of today's NFL with this general status quo and push for a workable new contract. As their product of excellence as well as change is fully functional now. If they are content for a stable monitary base instead of control of the cash flow, then their projection extends into tomorrows...but projection is the key. As it is with the role of Jerry the GM in an actual function of doing his job. Listening and then giving direction, not choosing on whims. That is still worked out in the draft room, discussion rooms, and staff evaluations. Jerry is a part, but doesn't ever relinquish his responsibility.

The military forges the concept that RESPONSIBILITY can NOT be delegated, and this principal has not been lost on Jerry. Oh, sure...given the nature of the game, 'stars' will have periods and even years of diminished twinkling, but their general ability will survive until they are no longer NFL talent to walk out on the carpet. Players such as Ocho Cinco will ebb and flow with team changes and opportunity. Roy Williams will become dominant and disappear, only to re-emerge again.

To pin value as to evaluation on a tenuous aspect of success, and then earmark contributory levels on individual and disjoint causes sometimes become more of a stumbling block to us fans, when we haphazardly try to mete out ultimate levels of satisfactions by ourselves. The functional view is lost in that shuffle. I brought this article and my effort in putting it together, to bring out some of the tidbits that contribute to a real picture, and not tainted by my personal satisfaction with having ONLY won.

Well, for the past three seasons, and that is my measure- as that is what these COWBOYS ARE. It is what it is...well, own up to the FACTS then, would be my response.

This is now a year to year I have pointed out above, for the entire past decade. This is a new decade, and dynasties have the decade historical period for achievement. This team, with Jerry as the GM, HAS a winning record for the past three seasons. That correlates to the very SAME period that Wade Phillips has been at the helm of the team as it's head coach. Don't kid yourself here, he IS the head of the team. Jerry imputs and gives measured direction, as ALL GM's do, but the team is sound. They have met the measure of challenge and proven this much of the deal. They are a solid team and demonstrated consistently on a current level of NFL achievement.

This team has challenged the base level needed for credability...the NFC East. They have been it's Champion for two of the past three seasons. I challenge a Giant addition to this thread, to dispute THAT fact. They have served second fiddle to the Cowboys for two of the past three seasons during the regular season. That part is uncontestable. Along these same lines, for five of the past SIX games against Philadelphia, Dallas has WON. That part is UNCONTESTABLE. That is record.

Jerry HAS GM'd that three years, and Wade HAS COACHED those three years. Now, that IS significant as the NFL is now a year by year business.

Am I attempting to seize a personal high ground here...Hell NO. I'm just pointing out for a common view of realistic appreciations for FANS!

What irks MY butte, is the continual inference that there has been NO credability or leadership applied to these Cowboys.

That is not maintaining perspectives...

I have sought to cultivate a discussion, which I continually have accomplished. I have sought ALSO to add to actual knowledge of functions in effect and bring to view much of what is either ignored or simply hasn't been in the view of normal perusal by similar fans. I have paid the pauper and paid the price to first, find credable imput. Then I have sacrificed my own energies to ensure opportunity for personal satisfactions were given fuel to be burned as one chooses.

But to continue onto topic at IS a discussion, and not cursing at another poster, or belittling presentment due to lack of enough tar to spread upon his effort.

The SOLE unifying element to the leadership and transitioning of this Dallas Cowboy franchise has been none other than Jerry Jones. That applies to the hat of GM as well. Jerry, wisely, consulted and sought the imput of Bill Parcells. Bill has faults just as many as most others, and when discussion includes that, it also is discussion, but BILL isn't the continuity in change and direction is.

Jerry circled the wagons on three DISTINCT and more recent periods of time, and it was at HIS direction that this was done. It goes to credability AS the GM that is at the cruxt of THIS observation. Jerry brought Bill in to provide a stable environment from which to reestablish a championship level of commitment and discipline to his organization. After discussion concepts, an AGREEMENT as to franchise direction was arrived at based upon PRINCIPAL. Not personality, but effectiveness as it applied to TEAM. That was as the GM, that Jerry agreed to the principals of integrated aspects in offense, defense, specials well as a historical departure in scheme. The 3-4 defense became a Dallas commodity. That wasn't a convenient departure in a similar vein to some of the Jimmy Johnson types of 'wild hair' episodes. These went to the very core of the decision process, and were top shelf in origins.

Then, when Bill up and 'quit', as he didn't any longer WANT to pay the price to be a champion in Dallas, Jerry again had to take things in hand. He then chose upon sound principals, and brought in Wade. One can alway hypothecise how a Vince Lombardi might have done the job, but get this, Vince would be HARD PRESSED to keep his job a whole decade in today's game!

Then, Jerry the GM, had to reconcile team directions and personnel after his team, loaded with 'stars' being paid as such, accumulated enough injuries to derail what all perceived to be a Super Bowl journey. This is in reference to the 2009 season. Well, he did the work WITH imput from a wide arena of people, and made hard and fast decisions. He CONTINUED developing his team, and at it's's HEART. He took out lockerroom conflict, and pushed performance onto younger and fresher talent, despite hard to remove loyalties to proven and previously high performance players. Greg Ellis, TO, Roy al, were given walking papers and the team consolidated and progressed.

Despite the tar and feather brigades out in force in Cowboy fandom, this team, by those expectations, overachieved this past season? I say no, they owned up to the challenges at war, and were forged in fire. They became COWBOYS in the sense that us older fans love. They started to perform.

Well, is the job over? Don't you believe all is still a year by year business in today's NFL. But are they now strongly in the top pack of hunt for a Championship? You bet they are...and changes are always a part of today's deal. They did this, although, through a strength with Jerry as GM and Wade as the headcoach. They also have a growing strength, just as the team is growing, with additional coaches contributing as well. Jason Garrett immediately comes to mind.

My post is again already long enough to bring to closure, but there is just as much information to be brought to table concerning strengths and contributions of both Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett and much discussion there as well....

My point again is this. There has been demonstrated current levels of strength by this team already. There are adjustments that could enhance, but not eliminate the danger for injury and problems from occuring. That just isn't possible to isolate and protect from, only adding to a possibility to achieve. Here, although, don't sell Jerry in his role as he is the SOLE source of continuity through all the single aspects associated with parts of success and failures to today. Today although, there is a strong team and franchise in operation. Don't be confused about this.

Does it still have challenges and points of conflict to come. You BET. Dallas has the very hardest schedule in the NFC East as well as the entire NFC. New Orleans has an EASIER road to success next season. Will that prove out? Who knows, such as Dallas has lurking dangers all along it's road next season. But, for this fan, I'm well satisfied with the degree of contribution of Jerry the GM, as he exhausts all avenues as well as sources to bring the very best that he is able to achieve. That takes work, and overcoming as many if not MORE obstacles than other franchises. Afterall, this IS America's team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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