Dallas is the best NFL team ever!

Sports are fantastic.  With rare exceptions, only sports provide the opportunity for men to measure themselves as individuals or as a team against other men with a definite outcome to objectively measure which individual or team is better on a given day in a valid and reliable manner.


Think about it, despite knowing that you are the best at what you do, there is really no representative objective outcome to prove it.  I know that I am the best (fill in the blank):


Surgeon: because of a satisfaction survey or outcome survey that measures your performance?


Pilot: because of your flight record or the number of hours logged in the plane?


Entrepreneur: because of the growth of your business, the number of employees working, or the gross / net revenue of the enterprise?


None of those occupations have a valid and reliable measure for rating the best.  Outside of sports, no occupation comes to mind that does have as iron-clad an objective measuring system as competition.


Win or lose: with the occasional tie thrown in.


I imagine that the definition of better or best must appeal to some baser emotional need in man.  It may be a learned trait acquired after years and years in the educational system and society in general, but that would not explain why little boys everywhere strive for victory as soon as the concept of winning and losing is discovered.


Winning soothes the soul.


That must be why I find such a warm sense of satisfaction when I think of this:


All-time winning percentages


1. Dallas Cowboys .5802

2. Miami Dolphins .5793

3. Chicago Bears .5775


The Dallas Cowboys passed the Miami Dolphins this season for the best all-time winning percentage among active NFL teams.  The Cowboys all-time record is now a league best 436-315-6.


Dallas built this lead by defeating Washington a team-high 59 times.  Philadelphia follows closely on that list with 56 defeats suffered at the hands of its mortal enemy.  Before Giants fans puff out their chests, New York has lost 55 games to the Cowboys.  Is it any wonder that those three fan bases have such an intense dislike for the Cowboys?


The fans from New York, Philadelphia, and Washington have experienced a defeat at the hands of the Cowboys 58.02% of the time that the two teams play.  What the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles fans perceive as a rivalry is really identical to what Dallas does to the rest of the NFL.


No wonder Dallas is the most adored and despised team in the NFL.  The Cowboys have a losing record against only 8 teams in the NFL.  The other 23 have lost to the Cowboys 60.56% of the time.




One of the perennially worst teams in the NFL won a Super Bowl on Sunday.  THE BEST TEAM in the history of the NFL will host a Super Bowl in 2010…


Oh, did I mention that the Cowboys have also won 5 Super Bowls?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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