Our Cowboy`s Interactive mock - rd 2

rd 1 27    Charles Brown    OT    Southern California

Pass blocking: Lanky build with plenty of room for additional growth. Long arms and shows good quickness off the snap. Shuffles back in pass protection with bent knees, ready to slide inside or out to mirror the defender. Significantly improved his upper-body strength as a senior, using a more effective punch to stun the pass rusher. Gives good effort, and showed improved upper-body strength to sustain blocks.

Run blocking: While he flashes nastiness with an explosive initial shove, he remains largely a finesse blocker who relies on positioning and athleticism.

Pulling/trapping: Shows good quickness off the snap for combo blocks. Gets his hands into defenders and is agile enough to release and get to the second level.

Initial Quickness: Good initial quickness and depth in his kick slide in pass protection and when attacking the defender in the running game.

Downfield: Good quickness downfield as a run blocker. Can get to the second level and adjusts nicely to the moving target.

Intangibles: Former tight end who impressed in his first season as the starting left tackle in 2008 and showed greatly improved upper body strength and aggression in his second starting season. Might be just scratching the surface of his potential.

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rd 2 59
rd 3 90
rd 4 127
rd 6 200
rd 7 238

For our 2nd rd pick these players will be included to the poll, the safety position is well represented for those thinking we can groom a player behind Ken Hamlin, a couple of intriguing Guards are available to those wanting to continue the alteration of the O-line, some corners who can return punts which can come in handy, a possible cricket replacement etc.


Chad Jones    SS    LSU    6-3    230   
Morgan Burnett    FS    Georgia Tech    6-1    210
Jon Asamoah    OG    Illinois    6-4    300
Perrish Cox    CB    Oklahoma State    5-11    189
Reshad Jones    SS    Georgia    6-2    212
Jordan Shipley    WR    Texas    6-0    190
Daryl Washington    ILB    TCU    6-2    226       
Mike Johnson    OG    Alabama    6-6    306
Jerome Murphy    CB    South Florida    6-1    191
Garrett Graham    FB    Wisconsin    6-3    234
Carlton Mitchell    WR    South Florida    6-4    212

please keep in mind that these players will not be available in rd 3 and that only players ranked 59 and lower are being considered.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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