Trade out of rd 1?

Let's get hypothetical real quick. 

Target List:

1. Earl Thomas

2. Mike Iupiti

3. Maurice Pouncey

As a general consensus, from what I have gathered is the player we all want is Earl Thomas. If he is still there around pick 20 we should strongly consider a trade up.  A game breaker like him would change the whole dynamic of our defense.  We would be feared instead of respected.  Mike Iupiti seems to be rising out of our range which I'm fine with.  As much as he would be a good player, he wont be a game changer like ET, so there is not as high of an incintive to trade up.  I'm fine with Pouncey as first round pick.  He would play immeadiately - even if you have capable starters a player of his caliber will force his way into the line-up.  But taking him leaves us with no game changer on D.  Additionally, our interior O-line is still adequate, the situation is not desperate yet so we can afford to take 3-4 rounders for O-line as we have been doing.

What am I getting at here?  Say we think its more important to get some playmakers in the secondary than build the line;  we are not going to be able to do both without some kind of trade.  We have two options - one is detailed by raf vela in his mock draft - trading up from our second pick to draft Morgan Burnett.  The other option is to trade out of first round (or to last picks of first) and pick up extra picks and somehow transform our mid round picks into another 2nd. 

So lets say we end up with something like the 35 pick.  We target two players here, Morgan Burnett and Nate Allen.  The order of priority will be more clear after combine.  Lets assume they are both there.  We take the one we like better and start working the phone lines to trade up and get the other one.  This way we have two very solid S prospects so we can once and for all fix the S position.


Original Picks:

27, 59, 90, 122, 186, 218


For example I have us trading pick #29 for #35, #98, and #162 ( a 1 for a 2, 4, and 6)

We take Nate Allen (if he's higher rated) at #35

So we now have:

59, 90, 98, 122, 162, 186, 218 (and Nate Allen)

We target pick 45 for trade up on the condition Burnett is still there.  If he is we pull the trigger and trade pick #59 and #90 for #45.  (a 2 and a 3 for a 2) Boom we now have a young playmaking secondary.

After that we come home with:

98, 122, 162, 186, 218 (and Nate Allen and Morgan Burnett)

For all yall that like rds instead of numbers

What we had:

a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

What we get:

two 4's, two 6's, a 7 (and Nate Allen and Morgan Burnett)

So in conclusion we get a starting caliber FS (Allen) and a starting caliber SS (Burnett) and two extra picks to find two OL projects, a NT, a WR, and a whatever else we decide we need.


Used draft value chart for guidelines:

Maybe Jerry could do better.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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