10-11 new Cowboys

means 10-11 Cowboys gone from last yr`s 53 man squad so here we go...

Anderson, Deon     FB      bit player F`ed up big time.
Hurd, Sam     WR          not a bad guy but can be replaced
Bowen, Stephen     DE  for a draft pick    could be Hatcher, Miami would like Hatcher, KC... Bowen
Octavien, Steve     LB   over performed last yr but can he hold off the tigers
Gordon, Cletis     CB     who ever he is will have to fight hard.
Holland, Montrae     G     we need to over haul the O-line depth.
Procter, Cory     C     a guy can hope...right?
McQuistan, Pat  OT Boy`s have invested 4 yrs... at some point the plug needs to be pulled
Preston, Duke     C     ask the Bills if they want him.
Watkins, Patrick     S     special teams play might save his rear but it`s a numbers game.
Suisham, Shaun     K     pretty sure he`s already history.

that`s 11 !!!!!! are you shocked by any of the names???how will we go on !!!!

OK  calm down...this is how

Anderson, Deon     FB  he can go to the circus and eat crickets or flash a gun at the people who visit. The Cowboys get a lot of blocking from TE`s lining up in the backfield so it won`t be hard to land one in the draft or after.    Rashawn Jackson    FB    Virginia  would be an upgrade and might be available in rd 5 and if they elect to go TE in UDFA Brody Eldridge TE  Oklahoma  has played C/G/FB/TE  so somehow I think he might be able to block.

Hurd, Sam     WR  now we could tender him for 1.7 million dollars...or we could probably insert Practice Squad Johnson, Manuel and get the same...mmmmm production.

Bowen, Stephen     DE   I like Bowen but we have 3 DE`s scheduled to be UFA`s next yr and were gonna lose 1 of them for sure so why not get something in return. With teams flocking to the 3-4 defense I could see a team like the Bills giving us a 4th rder. his replacement could be Dixon, Marcus from the Practice Squad  or maybe a 4th rd draft pick like     Mike Neal    DT    Purdue

Octavien, Steve     LB   Will have to claw his way to remain a Cowboy he might lose his spot to Williams, Brandon last yr on IR.

Gordon, Cletis     CB   Yep apparently he was on the 53 man roster last yr but my gut tells me the Boys in rd 2 are gonna take Chris Cook    CB    Virginia and in the later rds maybe a big cb to develop.

Holland, Montrae     G / Procter, Cory     C / McQuistan, Pat  OT / Preston, Duke     C Heck I like these 4 so much let`s stick them together though Proctor is a drummer and that maybe keeps him on the roster. So how do we replace these....ummmmm fine specimens oooozing with talent? well first off we have a pick at number 27 overall and there are 9 guys from the draft that could boost the O-line so more than likely at least one of those 9 guys will make it to the Cowboy`s pick of those 9 I like Pouncey, it grooms us a C in the future and he can play guard and give Kosier a breather and maybe a long breather at that. But for the Cowboy`s the guy they want is Mike Iupati    OG    Idaho and if you want reasons why he`ll be there they are.
1) not a finished product.
2) has not faced elite competition.
3) wonderlic score 13 so maybe he does `nt wow anyone in the interview process.
4)Guards rarely go rd 1
5)LT is the most coveted position for the OL and this yrs class is loaded.

Robert Brewster hopefully can make the transition from IR and
Bright, Travis  from the practice squad surely he has shown enough to stand on the sidelines and do nothing just like Preston and probably much cheaper.

Watkins, Patrick     S Played a great game against the not the playoff debacle but during the exhibition season, and it probalby saved his job...for last season,this season it`s another story so stay tuned. How to replace him? well 2nd rd pick Cook will be converted to FS so that`s a strong possibility.

Suisham, Shaun     K see Conor Hughes already on board

so for those keeping score here`s our draft, the extra 4th comes from the Bowen trade.

rd 1Mike Iupati    OG    Idaho
rd 2 Chris Cook    CB    Virginia
rd 3 Roddrick Muckelroy    ILB    Texas
rd 4 Mike Neal    DT    Purdue
rd 4 Rashawn Jackson    FB    Virginia
rd 6Walter Thurmond    CB    Oregon
rd 7 Thomas Welch    OT    Vanderbilt
the 11 new faces and the departed
Conor Hughes K  -  Suisham, Shaun
Mike Iupati OG - Holland, Montrae
Chris Cook CB - Watkins, Patrick
Roddrick Muckelroy ILB - Procter, Cory
Mike Neal DT - Bowen, Stephen
Walter Thurmond    CB - Gordon, Cletis
Robert Brewster - McQuistan, Pat
Travis Bright - Preston, Duke
Rashawn Jackson    FB - Anderson, Deon
Brandon Williams OLB - Octavien, Steve
Manual Johnson WR - Hurd, Sam

In most cases you can see the new Cowboy listed with the player he`s replacing with the exception of Muck over Smuck...Muckelroy over Proctor in case your wondering or maybe even still reading. I selected Iupati in rd 1 because The Boy`s are enamored with him but Pouncey on board would give us the backup C so under this scenario with Iupati the pick we need either Brewster or Bright to be the backup C at the same level or higher than Proctor....I kill myself. BTW 7th rd pick Welch would be Practice Squad material and becomes the new RT project in place of MacQ. These 3 could be battling it out for 1 remaining spot. Dixon, Marcus     DE, Hodge, Stephen     LB, Johnson, Curtis     LB

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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