my mock version2;playerRatings&start_row=1
here is the link for the rankings that I am using, you will notice that I did select players at the overall number that were ranked higher but I had to go with the crystal ball. By the way, I hate to toot my own horn but I`m on a tremendous roll when trying to predict how the draft will go and here are some examples...In 2005 The Boys had 2 1rst rd picks but on trying to decide whom I thought the Boy`s were gonna take with their first pick I kept flopping between DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears,well turns out both of them ended up being 1rst rd picks that yr!!!what a fluke! or so I thought. 2006 I like the Bobby Carpenter Bill Parcells connection and predicted Barbie to be the pick...unfortunately I was right,2007 Wade Phillips is in charge and he wants a OLB in the mold of the one he had for the Chargers in Shaun Phillips from Purdue and the fit was so perfect it was like shooting fish in a pick Anthony Spencer guessed it, Purdue.2008 again we had 2 1rst rd picks and the Boys were getting ready to move to a new stadium soon and I knew Jerry was gonna select an electrifying player and I guessed correctly with the 1rst pick in Felix Jones, I was off the mark with my next selection, DeSean Jackson whom I thought would turn out to be a pretty explosive player for the Boys but Jenkins was a steal so not the end of the world.Now for 2009 I had Jason Williams penciled in for our pick in rd 3 little did I know that Jerry was gonna trade down and that my streak was gonna be kept alive on a technacality as he was the first player drafted by the Cowboys and I at least got that part correct though I did have us drafting another player at 51 but that pick never happened.Also of note for last yr is I also got the Stephen McGee pick and John Phillips picks dead on at the spot they were drafted.So without further adieu this is what my crystal ball is telling me for the 2010 draft! will the streak continue?


rd 1 (27 overall) Mike Iupati OG Idaho  ranked 17
ok he`s ranked 17th but rarely do Guards go in rd 1 and if they do they are finished products with no holes in their game, this is not an accurate description of Iupati,throw in the fact that this yr`s draft is loaded with potential LT`s to go in rd 1 which we all know is a far greater need in the NFL. So he falls because he has lots of competition from prospects on the O-line, comes from a small school,has not faced elite competition, still has work to do and is a project. The Boy`s take him because he`s massive and we want him at LG,we want his toughness, we love his long arms, height and weight and maybe down the road maybe he can be a LT but until then he`s gonna be a monster at the LG position.Pouncey could be the pick if Iupati is gone but I`m banking the streak on Iupati.

rd 2 (59 overall) Chris Cook FS Virginia ranked 70
you can take this one to the bank now as Brass wants this guy and I hope they`re right because there`s gonna be some higher rated safeties on the board at this pick so hopefully the Boy`s prove to be correct here.

rd 3 (90 overall) Javier Arenas CB Alabama ranked 94
I could be wrong on this one however I`m pretty sure whomever we pick at this spot will be returning punts...could be a wr?
Jacoby Ford    WR    Clemson would be great but could be gone.

rd 4 (127 overall) Roddrick Muckelroy    ILB Texas ranked 246
according to the rankings he would be a huge reach, not the first time the Boy`s reached for a guy they want.

rd 6 (200 overall) Rashawn Jackson FB Virginia ranked 172
The John Garrett connection helped m with the John Phillips pick last yr and helps me twice this yr with Cook and a pretty goood blocking FB to replace Cricket.

rd 7 (238 overall) Crezdon Butler CB Clemson ranked 288
they rolled the dice on Mickens last yr and it did n`t work out, Jerry`s not gun shy and he grabs another big corner.Some team chemistry with Micheal Hamlin also from Clemson does n`t hurt.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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