Cowboys Draft '10, Mock 5.0 -- Trade Down City

I'm going to  work scenario one off my trade down chart.  The Cowboys cut a deal with the Browns, who have failed to land Sam Bradford and are now trying to move into the late 1st for a signal caller.  That, or the Rams have swapped with Cleveland and are now using some of their bounty to get their badly needed QB at pick 27.

Pick 2A (38):  Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

A bit high?  Not really.  I think rumors of his big drop are exaggerated.  I also doubt he'll be around at 59.  The Pats have three 2nd round picks before the Cowboys' 2nd rounder and would snap him up with one of them, if a team like the Steelers doesn't snag him at pick 53.

Pick 2B (59):  Vladimir Ducasse, OT, U-Mass

I've seen him in mocks as high as Washington at 36.  I don't think he's Mike Shanahan's style of blocker.  I can see Washington going OT there if they go QB in the 1st, but they're a more zone blocking team and a Charles Brown or Jason Fox seems more their speed.  Ducasse also looks like the type of prospect who will need some time to develop, which could push him later into the 2nd.

Pick 3A (81):  Morgan Burnett, FS, Georgia Tech

I can also see a CB here.  A lot depends on how much the Cowboys like Alan Ball as a FS prospect.  Burnett might require a slight move up, but he's behind Nate Allen on most composite boards and should be in this area of the draft.

Pick 3B (90):  Jacoby Ford, WR, Virginia Tech

Ford could be gone by this point but I see him in the 3rd.  From what I've heard the WR position shapes up a lot as it did in '08.  I don't see more than perhaps two receivers in the 1st round but then see a rush on them in the 2nd.  This could push a prospect like Ford to the 3rd.  You never know with WRs.  Donnie Avery and Eddie Royal looked like mid-pack, 3rd-4th round guys two years ago but their supersonic Combine times had them off the board in the first dozen picks of the 2nd. 

4th round:  Al Wood, NT/DT, LSU

An active run stuffer with a powerful lower body.  Wood gets a lot less press than NT prospects like Terrence Cody and Cam Thomas, but he looks like the type of player who can give Dallas 20 good snaps a week.

6th round:  Thad Turner, CB, Ohio

Because you can never have enough corners in the pass-happy NFL.

7th round:  Kevin Matthews, C, Texas A&M

A competitor for Cory Proctor.

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