Just another fan mock!


This mock draft will be without assumed trades.




1. St. Louis Rams: QB Sam Bradford


While the best player in the draft is Suh, I think St. Louis needs to get a franchise QB and Bradford has the necessary tools to do the job. His durability might be an issue, but he can make every throw and is more pro ready coming out than Stafford.


2. Detroit Lions: OT Russell Okung


Once again, Suh is the best player, but I think Detroit has to be torn between the best DT on the board and getting a Joe Thomas type of LT to protect their young QB.  Okung is a complete LT that has tremendous athleticism as well as tremendous power.


3. Tampa Bay: DT Ndamakong Suh


A great fall to #3 and a great player to build their defense around. Suh can play in essentially any type of defensive scheme and after the Bucs whiffed badly on the late Gaines Adams, they need a good solid piece to build around an aging crew.


4. Washington Redskins: OT Bryan Bulaga


I was tempted to go Clausen or Gerald McCoy here, but I think that Washington needs a solid LT and of the tackles on the board, Bulaga was only slightly rated behind Okung. A real mauler, with a tenacious streak, Bulaga comes in and instantly starts on a bad offensive line.


5. Kansas City Chiefs: OT Trent Williams


While I think Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry would be better picks, the Chiefs have a need for more O-lineman and the Trent Williams is the third rated LT prospect. They should pick Berry, but they'll pick a LT that they hope can provide some time for Cassell.


6. Seattle Seahawks: DT Gerald McCoy


If this happens, Seahawk fans will be creaming in their pants. McCoy was a dominate DT, that is probably the 2nd best player on the board, but because of needs could fall to Seattle. This fills an immediate need and makes the Seattle Seahawks a dangerous D-line, LB combo.


7. Cleveland Browns: S Eric Berry


Holgrem has already stated that he's less than impressed with Clausen, so I totally expect them to take Eric Berry, even though they need just about everything. Berry is an elite safety prospect that is tops in a good group of safeties this year.


8. Oakland Raiders: OT Bruce Campbell


The unpredictable Raiders pick the combine wonder of the 2010 draft and pick Bruce Campbell. While Campbell's tape is less than impressive, he is a freak of nature in shorts and a t-shirt....


9. Buffalo Bills: QB Jimmy Clausen


They could go a lot of different directions, but besides Cleveland, is there any other team that needs a QB more?  I don't particularly like Clausen as a top 10 pick, but QB's tend to get over drafted.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Jason Pierre Paul


The Jags are another team that could go anywhere, but they had a horrific pass rush last year and JPP is an explosive DE that can add an instant spark to the DE position on the other side of the newly signed Aaron Kampman.


11. Denver Broncos: ILB Rolando McClain


If Brandon Marshall goes somewhere, this might change, but right now I'm going to go with McClain. A solid ILB will elevate this defense that really needs some stability there. McClain is a special ILB that has great smarts and instincts. He'll be a huge upgrade against the run.


12. Miami Dolphins: OLB Sergio Kindle


This is the part of the draft that is very unpredictable. The Dolphins could use a WR, OLB, or S, but right now I'm trying to think Bill Parcells and I think that he wants a 3-4 pass rusher. Long and athletic, Kindle immediately contributes to a building defense.


13. San Francisco 49ers: CB Joe Haden


San Fran has a lot to choose from, but I think Haden is one of the best players left on the board. Haden rebounded on his proday with solid 40 times and it was said that he was hurt when he ran at the combine. He's an awesome corner that will immediately contribute in some way to the team.


14. Seattle Seahawks: WR Dez Bryant


I think Seattle has an A first round if this happens. There are talks that Bryant's stock is dropping, but I don't think Pete Carroll could pass up on by far the most intriguing WR talent coming out of the draft. Comparisons to Andre Johnson are warranted, and drafting Bryant will let TJ Houshmanzadah, slide into his WR2 role where he belongs.


15. New York Giants: OLB/ILB Sean Weatherspoon


Versatile and smart, Weatherspoon will be brought in to eventually replace Antonio Pierce. Weathersppon plays well in coverage and is instinctive.


16. Tennessee Titans: DE Derrick Morgan


This might be swapped with Pierre, but after losing Vanden Bosch the DE position will be the biggest one that the Titans look at.


17. San Francisco: OT Anthony Davis


This would be a solid pick for San Francisco who can afford to take a risk on the strange but athletic Anthony Davis. I debated on whether to have them take a tackle or CJ Spiller here, but in the long run I think an extra running back is a luxury.


18. Pittsburg Steelers: OG Mike Iupati


The Steelers could use another interior player, and Iupati has potential to even be able to play on the outside. They could definitely shock me and go with Spiller in this draft, but I’m sticking with this.


19. Atlanta Falcons: OLB/DE  Brandon Graham


I love Graham, he was destroying guys at the senior bowl and looks like he’ll be an immediate starter. Atlanta needs another pass rusher and Graham provides an instant pass rush.


20. Houston Texans: S Earl Thomas


Thomas is a guy who could go from 10-30 in the first round. Mayock says he’s the most instinctive safety to come out in the past 10 years, so that’s definitely a plus, but there are questions of how good he is in run support. After spending plenty of picks on the defensive line, the Texans will get an immediate contributor to the defense.


21. Cincinnati Bengals: S Taylor Mays


I don’t like Mays that much, but his 40 time and the fact that I think Cincy is poor team at drafting in the first round, makes me think they take Mays.


22. New England Patriots: RB CJ Spiller


I’m probably the only guy that thinks that Spiller could fall this far. While the Pats need defense, I think the Pats would feel like the value is too much to pass up.  The Patriots will need more explosive playmakers soon, as it’s pretty much assumed that this is going to be Moss’s final year of being a Patriot. 

23. Green Bay Packers:  C/G Maurkice Pouncey


The Packers break my heart and pick Pouncey to help an offensive line that struggled during the season.


24. Philadelphia Eagles: DE Everson Griffen


The Eagles had a lot of problems on their line last year. Trent Cole is a good pass rusher, but the really need another guy on the other side so they can open up more of their blitz packages. Griffen is intriguing at this spot.


25. Baltimore Ravens: DE Jared Odrick


Odrick is a nice pull here. While the Ravens play a combination of a lot of 3-4 and 4-3 schemes, he’ll plug in beautifully. He’d play the five technique in the 3-4 and then slide in at DT when the Ravens go to a 4-3 or nickel package.


26. Arizona Cardinals: DT Dan Williams


The Cards get a great value pick with a starting NT in Dan Williams. Dan Williams reminds me a lot of Jamaal Williams and he’ll be a good NT in the emergence of the Cards 3-4 D.


27. Dallas Cowboys: CB Kyle Wilson


This isn’t a need pick, but a value pick. In the NFL you can never have enough good CB’s and with the crop of offensive linemen going into 2nd round grade, you grab the second best CB in the group with hopes that you have insurance for an often injured Terrence Newman.  As a Cowboy fan, I wouldn’t be disappointed with this pick.


28. San Diego Chargers: RB Ryan Matthews


The best pure RB in a deep class. Matthews is going to be a stud in the NFL. The Chargers need another RB and he falls right into their laps in this mock.


29. New York Jets: WR Golden Tate


Edwards is an enigma of a talent and I think that Rex Ryan is a guy who likes to take chances. Tate is a guy who some people think is a Percy Harvin type guy and others have even speculated that he might have Steve Smith type talent. I’m not sold, but he is a very powerful WR that offers a lot versatility so I think Ryan goes with Tate here and adds another weapon for Mark Sanchez.


30. Minnesota Vikings: DT Brian Price


Price fits perfectly into a 4-3 and Minnesota will have to start looking at future DT’s with the aging Williams. 


31. Indianapolis Colts: CB Devin McCourty


Maybe a small reach here, but the Colts can afford to grab a little bit. Anyone who watched the Super Bowl knows that the Colts secondary got ripped apart by Bree’s and the Saints.

32. New Orleans Saints: DE Carlos Dunlap


Maturity issues will drop Dunlap, but the reigning champions will take a gamble on the talented young man. He could potentially be the steal of the draft.


I know that there are a lot of things here that seem crazy, but this is honestly the least predictable draft I’ve seen in a while. Hope you enjoyed and discuss.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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