27 Players

Ironically enough, there are exactly 27 players in the 2010 NFL Draft that, to me, have value to the Cowboys in the first round.

Some have value as a player on this team and some (Sam Bradford, for example) have value in trade with other teams.  There are other players (such as Ryan Matthews) who I think could be first round picks, but dont hold a lot of value to Dallas.  Here's my list:

S Eric Berry - The player Dallas could most benefit from in adding to their current roster.

OT Russell Okung - Frachise Left Tackle.

OT Bryan Bulaga - Not far behind Okung in talent.

DT Ndomakong Suh - Most talented player in the draft.  Could play anywhere along the DLine.

DT Gerald McCoy - Like Suh, he would make out DLine unstoppable.  Perfect NT in our scheme.

S Earl Thomas - A playmaking Safety like Thomas is just what this Defense needs to become elite.

OT Trent Williams - Many think he's more of a Right Tackle, but either way he looks like a NFL Pro Bowler.

CB Joe Haden - Having four really good CBs would be a nice problem to have.

QB Sam Bradford - Not a player Dallas would draft, but possibly has the most value in the entire draft.

OG Mike Iupati - A mauler at Guard.  Looks like a guy who see at least 5 trips to Hawaii in his career.

OT Anthony Davis - Has some off field problems that could cause him to slip.  Probably not to #27, but stanger things have happened.

WR Dez Bryant - This is the only WR I would even consider in the 1st round.  Compares to Andre Johnson as a WR and a dynamic return man.

ILB Rolando McClain - A special inside linebacker.  Could learn for a year behind Brooking and then take over for the next 8 years.

NT Dan Williams - Nose Tackles are hard to find.  This is the best one available this year and he's a good one.  Could spell Ratliff, or move him to End in certain situations.

OT Bruce Campbell - This big dude is one of the most athletic players in the draft.  He's not even come close to his potential which is at the same time exciting and scary.  I would take him in a nano-second if he's available at #27.

C Maurkice Pouncey - Center is not a sexy position, but this is one of the top 3 Centers to come along in a decade.

OLB Jason Paul-Pierre - Looks like a crazy good pass rusher.  I've seem him compared to DeMarcus Ware before.  Not sure where we would play him, but you can never have too many pass rushers.

RB CJ Spiller - RB is not a position of great need for Dallas, but he's also a great return guy.  He's a playmaker.  If I couldnt trade the pick for value, I would just keep CJ as our RBs are brittle.

QB Jimmy Clausen - Someone will want this guy in the first round.  If he's available and Dallas is on the clock, you can be sure we would take calls and probably end up with a 2010 2nd rounder and 2011 1st rounder for our troubles.

CB Kyle Wilson - His value might be closer to 30th, but he's the only other solid first round Corner in the draft outside Haden.  I would be happy if he ended up in Dallas.  Cornerback would be set for years.

DE Derrick Morgan - At 6-4, 272 I think he's best suited as a 4-3 End.  However, he is a top 20 talent.  We could find a use for him if he's available at #27.

OLB Brandon Graham - Could make a scary 3-4 OLB in my opinion.  Again, we're set at that position, but if he's the BPA, I wouldnt mind stockpiling edge rushers.

OLB Sergio Kindle - Similar to Graham in ability, but 35 lbs lighter.  Obviously he's quicker, but not quite as powerful.

DE Jared Odrick - A prototypical 3-4 DE, especially in the Phillips 3-4.  These guys are not easy to find, so I would be happy with him on draft day.

ILB Sean Weatherspoon - A solid, solid ILB prospect.  Probably wont ever be an All-Pro, but a guy you can count on to get 100+ tackles for 8+ years.

DT/DE Brian Price - at 6-2, 300 lbs, he could probably play anywhere along the Dallas D Line.  Might need a year to groom, but then should be a good-to-great contributor.

DE Carlos Dunlap - Reminds me a lot of Chris Canty, who was a good player for us.  After a year of grooming, would be an upgrade to Spears.

Players not worthy of Dallas's first round pick

S Taylor Mays - This kid is so freaking athletic its scary.  He's an amazing athelete, but an average football player.  We dont need another Roy Williams clone who can knock your head off, but cant cover.  With all the passing in today's game, Safeties have to cover a large majority of the time.  He's a liability in that aspect.

NT Terrence Cody - I would love to have a big bodied NT to back up Rat and allow him to move to End at times, but there is just too much risk in Cody.  He doesnt do much besides clog the lanes and his weight is an issue, although I know he just lost 20 lbs or so.  If Dallas traded back into the top of the 2nd round and took Cody with their first pick, I would be ok with that.  As long as they get another pick to offset the risk.

CB Devin McCourtey - He's getting some first round love in mocks, but only because CB is a position of need for many teams and the top end talent at that position is thin.

OT Charles Brown - First off, he doesnt seem like the type of huge OLineman Dallas likes (although he has been inching closer to 300 lbs as the draft gets nearer.)  He's more of a technician, which is not our pattern.  Secondly, I feel this is another situation where teams might reach for him in the first.  If that happens, it shouldnt be Dallas.

DE/OLB Everson Griffen - He has great size and comes from a top program, but he's just soft and inconsistent.  I think he falls into the mid-2nd or later.

TE Jermaine Gresham - I thought he was one of the most dominant college TEs I've ever seen.  But I was disappointed in his 40 time and think he might fall due to that.  We dont need another TE and I dont see him as someone teams will trade up to get, especially with Gronkowski and Hernandez sitting there in the 2nd round.

RB Ryan Mathews - I think he could be a first rounder.  I also think he could be the most productive RB from this class.  But I dont see the value for Dallas.  He doesnt have the return abilities of a Spiller, and therefore I dont see Dallas carrying 4 RBs into game day.  We would have to move a back before he made sense in the first.

WR DeMaryius Thomas - This is the 2nd best WR in this draft, but he's not a value in the first for Dallas.  Not a polished receiver since he came from an option Offense and hasnt run a full route tree.  Plus, for Dallas to see value in a WR, he needs to be a great return guy.

FS Nate Allen - I like Allen a lot, but he's just not a first round guy.  If Dallas wanted to trade back to the top-to-middle part of the 2nd and take him with our first pick, I would be elated.  We pick up another high selection and still get our playmaking Safety.  But using our first rounder on him would be leaving money on the table.

WR Golden Tate - He will be a slot receiver in the NFL unless he goes to a team who needs him to start because of a lack of talent.  He's an electrifying player in the open field on receptions and returns, but he's probably not an ideal every down player.  He didnt put up the jaw dropping speed at the combine that could have vaulted him into the first round.  He's an early-to-mid 2nd round guy and shouldnt be considered earlier.


Alright, so I've put myself out there.  What say you?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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