Mocking me. A 2nd scenario.

With this deep draft in the middle, I'm thinking that it's going to be harder than usual to land a trade partner that's willing to trade a 2nd or 3rd Round pick straigth up, so I decided to design a scenario where a team doesn't and the value is right.


For starters, the Cowboys have a nice working relationship with the Browns Front Office. Second, they have a nice relationship with Cleveland's new head man, Holmgren. And third, they have the ammunition.

It just makes too much sense, unless they look back at their unsuccessful trades in disgust and aren't willing to toy with their Karma anymore... But you don't run a Franchise thinking about Karma, or at least that's what I think...

The trade:

Cowboys: 27th - 1st Round (680 points); and 90th - 3rd Round (140).

Browns: 38th - 2nd Round (520 points); 71st - 3rd Round (235); 134th - 5th Round (39); and 177th - 6th Round (22).

It's a wash, the Cowboys trade 820 points, they receive 816 in return and end up with the following picks:


2nd Round: 38th and 59th.

3rd Round: 71st.

4th Round: 125th.

5th Round: 134th.

6th Round: 177th and 196th.

7th Round: 234th.


1st Round: 7th and 27th.

3rd Round: 85th, 90th and 92nd.

4th Round: 105th.

5th Round: 137th, 146th and 160th.

6th Round: 186th.

The Browns would give a 2nd for a first, they would exchange positions in the 3rd and they would ship 2 late round picks as the cherry at the top, so they wouldn't be selling the farm.

The Mock:

2nd Round:

38th - Vladimir Ducasse - RT. Road grader kind of run blocker that needs time to develop, but has the wortk ethic to do so. And more important, has better feet than most RT prospects.

59th - J.D. Walton - C/G. Though as nails pivot man. Leader. Smart.

3rd Round:

71st - Major Wright - FS. FS with really good range and hips. Good tackler, can deliver knock out hits. Leader.

4th Round:

125th - Corey Peters - DE/NT. Long arms. Strong. Quick. Disruptive force. Smart. A bit raw. Great effort in pursuit.

5th Round:

134th - Antonio Brown - WR/RS. Quick and fast. Good returner potential.

6th Round:

177th - Aaron Pettrey - K. Good accuracy. Great FG K leg. Has some potential as a KO guy.

196th - Crezdon Butler - CB. Fairly high and fast prospect. 32 passes defended in his career.

7th Round:

234th - Prince Miller - CB/RS. Punt return competition and some potential as a backup CB.


I had Linval Joseph as my previous 4th Round pick until I started seeing this kind of thing: lacks the ability and won't make an effort in pursuit; he will just occupy space in the NFL and will be limited to the first 3 downs.

That's the current Jamal Williams, when healthy, and the Cowboys made no effort (apparently) to acquire him, that speaks volumes to me.

Look for players that are good in pursuit, that can be disruptive in a one gap scheme and that have a non-stop motor. Those are the guys that the Cowboys want, that's the kind of guy that Jamal Williams was once and that's the kind of guy that Ratliff currently is. The Cowboys aren't in the market of guys that are only capable of standing there.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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