Wide Receivers=Ruining the 2010 Season

“There were several economic questions that a lot of you won't care about, so let's quickly skip to the good part. For the first time since his surprising decision to release T.O., Jones admitted that he made the move because he thought it would make Tony Romo a better quarterback. He said he never sought input from Romo while deciding what to do with T.O, but in the end, he thought the combination of Roy Williams and Miles Austin was a more appealing option.

That's when my ears really perked up. Jones has talked about Austin's potential in the past, but on Tuesday he indicated that the undrafted wide receiver was already in T.O.'s league.

"We know this, if [Austin] is close, then you're ahead of the game simply because of where they are in their careers," said Jones.  

I then asked Jones if he truly thought Austin could be as good as T.O., which quite honestly, sounded absurd to me.”

                                                                                    -Matt Mosley



For the life of me, I simply do not understand where or why the majority of Cowboys Nation is still on this rift on WR’s in this upcoming draft. The segment is from an article from ESPN from March24, 2009. Look the date and think about where we ALL were at the time.


It’s coming back now isn’t it? The “we’re going to suck this year” and the “T.O. was our offense” comments are starting to eat at your soul. Exactly one year ago we didn’t know what we were going to do about our WR situation and HOPE something big happened this year from our Receivers.


But something happened, as we were about to be dragged into the depths of the 2008 season’s St. Louis Rams debacle, we seemed to have knocked on mediocrity’s door one more time…and Miles Austin said…NO.



Do people really think we’re going to strike gold again with Sam Hurd? Do people really think we can run our triple WR sets with Austin, Patrick Crayton and Hurd? Yes I am disappointed in the production of Roy Williams, but are all of you also mad about his effort? It takes two to mess up the tango between a WR and a QB and there were times Tony would leave Roy out to dry (Denver game???).


Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying…I am more than willing to admit it’s time for players to be on the block: Barber, Roy Williams, Flozell, Hamlin and Sensabaugh cannot be a one hit wonder. However a WR isn’t our biggest need. The only reason people want more from Roy Williams is because of the value we gave for him. It was his first full season last year and let’s face it, he isn’t the teams’ no. 1 guy. He definitely isn’t Tony’s no. 1 guy anymore, but in the trenches, who was there i.e. the first Philly game (yes there were other instances and Miles had more games where he was the no. 1 receptions guy but STILL).


Fellow Dallas Cowboys fans, I ask, for the last time, do you…want to place yourselves in the position of HOPING for another sure-handed WR in our benches? Or can we come to our senses, solidify the offensive line, the secondary and continue our quest to become the first team to host and win its own Super Bowl?




Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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