Dez, Roy and Marty B

Hey guys offseason boredom has hit seeing as Jerry is, wisely I think, not doing anything in free agency so far and the Combine is over.  I read this article on the national football post, and it got me to thinking, what would Jerry do if Dez Bryant fell the same way Randy Moss did?

If Dez's stock continues to fall before the draft I'm sure we'd be here asking that question so because I'm bored I decided to tackle the question preemptively.  My answer depends on how much of a head case Dez is.  But the idea intrigues me.  Sure Dez is a bit of a head case but I can live with head cases that produce and don't blame their qb, so Dez as of now passes those tests.

However, their are two Dallas pass catchers who currently draw my ire more than Jerry Jones' early 2000's drafts, and they epitomize the attitude I do not want from any pass catcher on  the Cowboys.  If we thought Dez's attitude similar we need to take evasive action. 

First: Roy Williams (Is it a coincidence that RW is WR but in reverse, I think not, whoever posted that recently is a genius)

I know the biggest objection to drafting Dez will be this would mean that we would have to cut Roy, but it's 13 mil in an uncapped season and he's off the team forever.  Jerry says he won't do it, but Stephen needs to take Jerry out to the woodshed and show him the game tape of Roy late in the season.  And none of this Roy is a good blocker bs.  If that's what you want let's put Doug Free out there.  

I don't hate Roy Williams don't get me wrong, but I hate what he does to the offense.  Every time he's on the field, he makes the offense worse.  When he's on the field it's 10 on 11.  If that isn't bad enough what's worse is Roy seems fine with it.  All the I'm a number 1 receiver, we're just not on the same page bs.  AS A RECEIVER YOUR JOB IS TO MAKE YOUR QUARTERBACK LOOK GOOD.  That means you don't drop the ball, you go over the middle, you give 110%, you don't smile when something goes wrong, you take pride in being the best you can be, and YOU DON'T BLAME ANYONE, PARTICULARLY THE QUARTERBACK for you assinine play (the we're not on the same page bs is either blaming Romo or admitting to being underprepared and therefore not belonging on the field). 

Second: Martellus Bennett

While were on the subject of idiot pass catchers, apparently Martellus Bennett thinks he should get the ball more.  This is what I have to say to you Marty B PLAY BETTER AND YOU WILL GET THE BALL MORE.  Don't drop the ball, run good routes, block well and you'll get plenty of playing time.

Final Word:

Now the only thing I have left to say to Roy, Marty, and Dez if we did draft him, is this  "IF YOU WANT TO TALK THE TALK YOU BETTER WALK THE WALK."  

Moral of the story for Jerry:

 This is a put up or shut up league.  Roy and Tellus talk a lot and don't do much else.  They don't belong on the Cowboys roster.  Last offseason we got rid of a lot of those loud mouthed yahoos now it's time to finish the job.  And don't draft any new ones either--that means unless Dez can play some serious ball, let him go somewhere else, we don't need any more UNDERACHIEVING, WELL-PAID, LOUD-MOUTHED YAHOOS on this team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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