The VRR: Miles Austin Returns

Everybody can stop worrying now. Silver & Blue Jesus, otherwise known as Miles Austin, has returned to Dallas and is now working out with the team.

Austin mentioned on Sunday how much he missed the North Texas weather. Reports also say he's been participating in the team's strength and conditioning program this week. The deadline for Austin to sign an offer sheet with another team expires on Thursday.

I guess for now the Cowboys are content to roll with the one-year tender and try to hammer out a long-term deal down the road. Then again, with the way Dallas has gone about things this offseason, he might be signed to a deal at any minute...Jerry might just take him out for a few drinks and hammer the whole thing out. Maybe someone will catch it on a cell phone.

While we're discussing wide receivers, it appears that the Cowboys are content with what they have, so says Stephen Jones.

The biggest thing we got out of this interview was Jones' stance on the wide receiver position. "Not a pressing need," Jones said.

Jones said the Cowboys did not go after recently traded Santonio Holmes and didn't express any interest in Brandon Marshall. "Very comforable with our receiver situation here," Jones said.

Well, it's draft season, if somebody in charge of an NFL team is talking, there's a 50% chance they're lying. So you'll have to decide for yourself on this one. Or you could just wait for April 22nd - 25th.

Jared Gaither to the Cowboys lives! The King says he thinks it's a trade that should happen.

I think the trade that should happen is Baltimore signing left tackle Jared Gaither to an offer sheet and trading him to Dallas for a second-round pick. Am I sure the Ravens would do it? No, but I think it has a heck of a chance of passing muster, and I think Baltimore realizes it'd be a smart deal.

OK, it's the video that many Cowboys fans are talking about. Jerry apparently went out and got schnockered, decided to yuck it up with some fans, blast Bill Parcells in the process, slur-on about Tim Tebow, all the while being filmed on a cell phone. Look, we all get hammered sometimes and say things we don't mean, but seriously Jerry, it's the new century, and technology has kept up even if you haven't. Cameras are everywhere, recording devices are everywhere, I'm just saying.

The question now: Will Roger Goodell want to have a chat with Jerry. Maybe he can invite him over for drinks. (Man, that was a cheap shot!) (Shot...get it?...OK, I'll stop now).

NSFW video

Hat tip to txhc for the FanShot.

Felix Jones, Martellus Bennett, and Kevin Ogletree were in Brownsville,TX for a charity basketball game against the Brownsville police department. Highlights below.

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