Stop talking About MB3

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He averaged 4.4 yards per carry, the same as Adrian Peterson,Steven Jackson, Ryan Grant  Ronnie Brown more then Thomas Jones 4.2 Cedric Benson,  less then Maurice Jones Drew at 4.5 that is .01 less then a top 5 back.  

MB3 doesnt have those long runs to pad his average like the other backs I listed, I also guarantee he is better pass blocker, and better at catching the ball out of the back field then the people I mentioned above, he also doesnt fumble the ball as often as the backs above.

Also MB3 runs the ball when the defense know its going to be a run so they stack the line so his average takes a hit.

So when people start talking about not having trade value they have no clue what they are talking about, they say he runs really hard and its taken its toll on his body. He runs the same way all the backs I listed above and Im pretty sure AP, Steven Jackson MJD would get a first or a high second rd pick, oh and by the way he is younger  or the same age then the backs I listed above when 2010 season starts, and he has had fewer carries in the NFL and in college then most of the people I mentioned. The only two have had less Are Ap by 20 and MJD by 120 but I preety sure they had a hell of alot more in college, because MB# shared carries with Laurence Maroney.

When People Say he is breaking down and getting injured AP 2 games in three yrs  and Steven Jackson 9 games last 3 yrs MJD 1 game last three yrs MB3 2 games last three yrs, Ronnie Brown has Missed 16 games the last 3 yrs. Chris Johnson 1 game last two yrs. Deangelo Williams 3 games the last thee yrs, Thomas Jones 0 games missed the last three yrs but early in his career he missed 10 gmaes in a three yr span when he was the same age MB3 was three yrs ago. so dont say he is injury prone he is like every other back they get banged up. THAT JUST SHOWS HOW BADASS HE IS BECAUSE HE PLAYED BASICALLY ON ONE LEG AND STILL AVERAGED THE SAME AS 3 of the top 5 backs in the league.

And dont talk about his speed because cause he has the same speed he came into league with.

I dont want to see MB3 traded but if it nets us a first OR and 2nd and 3rd I would take it because we have depth at the position 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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