feeling the last mock

The pressure is enormous, in 05  I flip flopped Ware and Spears and both were picked by the Cowboys in rd 1,then 06 I nailed the Bobby Carpenter pick and in 07 Anthony Spencer, In 08 yep got th Felix pick right as well...last yr our first player taken was Jason Williams and we picked him exactly in the spot I predicted though my prediction of moving up to select Louis Delmas proved wrong but still on a technicality I have correctly predicted the Cowboys first selection for 5 yrs in a row. So for 2010 can I keep the streak alive? to be honest I am far from confident but if I`m going down, I`m going down here goes.

First off these names

 Earl Thomas  if he`s there at 21 we`re moving up for him....he won`t be so discard that notion.

Dez Bryant if he`s there at 25 we`re moving up for him...I hope we don` would cost us pick 59 and 27 and unless Gaither comes with it, it is n` t worth it.

Mike Iupati if he`s there at 27 he`s the pick, it`s a no brainer and the streak would be alive however will he be there at 27? So many teams have been linked to selecting him and finally the pressure got to me and I have come to the conclusion he will be gone by 27.

Chris Cook he`s listed as a CB but the Boy`s like him as a FS, initially they probably had him on speed dial for pick 59 but that now seems unlikely, do they like him enough for pick 27?maybe but Jerry loves to trade and Cleveland could be wanting to move up for Colt McCoy so Jerry pulls the trigger.

Trade pick 27 to Cleveland for picks
38 / 92 / 134
and trade
Marcus Spears to KC for pick 144

and the draft goes down like this

38     Chris Cook    CB    Virginia again the play making FS we desperately need.
59 Navorro Bowman    OLB    Penn State  he`ll be moved to ILB and learn behind Brooking for 1 yr.
90     John Jerry      OT    Mississippi  we need some beef in this draft and by golly we`re gonna get a ton of it.
92 Kevin Thomas    CB    Southern California 4 teams like him Jerry always over pays
125     Ramon Harewood    OT    Morehouse  where`s the beef?
134     Emmanuel Sanders    WR    Southern Methodist  another wideout to develop.
144     Tony Washington    OT    Abilene Christian  where`s the beef?
196            Chris McCoy    OLB    Middle Tennessee  we went to the school workout for a reason.
234     DeMarcus Granger    DT    Oklahoma  with Spears gone expect bigger roles for Bowen and Hatcher,strictly a depth pick.


actually I can try to keep my streak alive by going

27 Iupati

59 Cook


and that way if Iupati is gone and we do select Cook OR Iupati lasts until 27 and is the pick I actually have 2 shots at extending the streak.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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