Dont Undervalue our players because of the recent TREND of trading players for 5th round picks

The teams that are trading away players for low rd picks are doing so for a reason. They want something anything in return.

First the player doesnt fit the system and are in the last yr of his contract so they might as well get something for him and other teams know this so no one is going to give a high pick.(Ernie Simms)

 Or a team desperate for a face lift who  looking to get rid of a player that is facing a 4 game suspension is going to warrant a high draft pick bad. (Holms)

Or a team with new management that didnt  draft a certain player such as Ted Ginn  feel that he reached his peak as WR and his remaining contract is not worth just a return man that is at best a forth WR on his team.

Or in Adam Carriker's  situation the team simply didnt want to continue paying his high salary for an average DL remember he was a high pick, The rams could also be showing their hand for the draft, maybe they will draft a DT with one of their first two picks so they traded him before he lost all his Value.

All these Trades are Happening because the lack of a Salary Cap and I Believe Teams know that this is their yr to get out of jail with these high signing bonus guys. Sims, Carriker, Ginn. Remeber signing bonuses dont affect the team that acquires the player.

Now to The Boys,  the Cowboys arent desperate to trade anyone, they already used their get out of jail card on F. Adams and Ken Hamlin and I bet they offered both those players to every team for 7th rd picks and no one accepted thats why they cut them because every team knew they were trying to get rid of them so there was no point in trying to keep them untill draft was over.

All the players the cowboys could have on the block are Good on and off the Field, they all have tradable salaries, even Barber never makes over 6 million in any season he has left on his current contract. I wouldnt trade any of our players for less then a forth rd pick So the Cowboys can sit on all the players they have on their current roster, let teams come to them about trades for their current players, thats when teams get great value in return.

And for you negative people wondering about being able to resign all these restricted free agents we have if they have good season.

There are two courses of action, resign them during the season, Franchise one of them you cant lose,  or let them walk and we get compensatory picks the next yr  so one way or the other the Cowboys win.

The Cowboys dont need to trade their current players and the other teams know this, that is how Value is gained upon a player. Look at the Whitehurst Trade San Diego pulled they got a second rd pick for a guy who never plays, but because Seattle came asking and San Diego had no reason to Trade Whitehurst( Good Salary and Good Person)

Spears will be missed if he is traded for anything less then a high third, I said it here first.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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