Why BPA? Why Trade Back?


I noticed on the Earl Thomas post that a large portion of BTB nation would like Mr. Jones to go with BPA or trade back and accumulate picks. My question is why?

I'm new to posting on the blog so perhaps I am completely out of my mindbut humor me. I understand that the draft is traditionally used to build your roster for future success. Success is a achieved by accumulation of talented young players. These young players develop and your team becomes successful. Great!

My problem with the BPA approach (this year) is that Dallas is set at most positions. We have built a championship level roster. QB, RB, TE, DE, LB are stacked. CB is solid. DT is thin but I think Dallas is OK with Rat and Siavii. The consensus I have gathered here is that most fans would like to see OL and FS addressed. FS I understand, hence my belief that Mr. Jones should trade up for one of the two elite prospects at the posistion, but I will discuss that later. As for OL where is the opening that a rookie is going to come in and fill? LT? Nope, like it or not Mr. Free will be there Week 1. RT? Nope Colombo. RG? Nope Bigg. C? Nope Gurode. Well LG you say? A rookie LT prospect could easily come in and take Kosier's job until Colombo is gone and Free moves back to RT. Not so fast. I give you two examples of why Kosier is underrated.

#1- A blog post by Matt Mosley from Jan. 28:

 Here's my upset special. I realize that Leonard Davis is headed to the Pro Bowl, but the scouts I've talked to said that Kosier had the better season. He did a really nice job pulling and working in space. He didn't hold up well against the Williams Wall, but you can say that about a lot of players.



#2- Remember two years ago when Romo got hurt and the line fell apart midway through the season? Who was missing....Mr. Kosier. Minnesota is a hostile environment. The Vikings were undefeated at home this year, no one plays well there. The line had a rough day let's not go throwing solid players to the curb on the basis of one game (Sorry Flo). OL depth is a concern. This is why we drafted Brewster last year. Procter, McQuistin, Preston, etc are not real solid players, but I don't think they would play much worse than a rookie if they had to step in. Bottom line is I don't see any 2nd tier line prospect (Staffold, Ducasse, Charlie Brown, etc.) that could conceivably fall to #27 coming in and taking any jobs. I would include Pouncey and Iupati in this equation as well. I am not sure Pouncey, who played in a gimmicky college offense is going to be able to come in and unseat anyone we have this year. Iupati comes from a very small school and looked overmatched at times in the Senior Bowl. Don't see him taking a job. Take a shot at OL later in the draft and have Houck try to develop them. If not draft OL next year or sign a FA.

If Dallas goes with Jared Odrick or Tyson Alualu they would only initially play DT on nickel situations. I would think they would be behind Bowen, Hatcher, Spears, Igor at DE as rookies. So you would be spending a 1st round pick on at best a 4th DE and backup DT.

If Dallas decides to go CB we are looking at a guy who is going to be #4 on the depth chart. Jackson, McCourty and Wilson are not going to come in and move ahead of Scandrick.

If Dallas goes FS your looking at Taylor Mays with a round one grade and it being too early for guys like Allen, Burnett, Wright, etc.

Well you say maybe Dez Bryant falls to 27? Not going to happen. Too much talent.

OK, so no one on the board we back get another second. Stack up some weak spots, develop some guys, maybe they will pan out by the end of the year.

Do we really want to come out of this draft witha Nate Allen / Brandon LaFell combo? or a Vlad Ducasse / Morgan Burnett combo? It just doesn't do it for me. Like I said maybe I am just crazy. Is it possible one or both of these guys come in and light it up? Sure. But why risk it when your this close. Football is a win now game. You never know when your QB is going take a bathroom "break" and come out with a 6 game suspension. Why not take a shot. Move a 2nd and or a 3rd and get a "gamebreaker" type talent. Is moving a 2nd and and or 3rd really mortgaging the future?

My Scenerios:

(1.) Dallas trades picks #27 (680 pts)  #90 (140 pts), and #125 (47 pts) to Houston for picks #20 (850 pts) and #187 (17) and selects Dez Bryant, WR Okla St. Top 10 talent. Would only make the trade if he falls to 20. I think NE @22, Bal @25 would be looking to grab him if he falls as well. Braynt instantly puts the offense into the conversation with the Saints for the best in the NFC. Dallas would still have their 2nd rounder to address either OL or FS.

(2.) Dallas trades picks 27 (680), 59 (310 pts), 90 (140) and 196 (14) to SF for #13 (1150 pts) and selects Earl Thomas, S Texas. Wow. Ton to give up, but he turns this defense into a nightmare. Could you imagine the pressure the front seven could put on with Thomas in the secondary. Turnover city. The one element that Dallas needs to be considered elite is the ability to force turnovers. This trade makes that happen. Guy is a playmaker.

Two other factors to keep in mind:

#1 - Jerry Jones just built the biggest monstrosity of a stadium in the history of civilization. That stadiums just so happens to be the venue for the Super Bowl this year. Think Jerry wants his team in that game?

#2 - Wade Phillips got a nice little contract extension. Think he feels safe? I don't. I have a feeling he's going to be whispering in Jerry's ear come draft day to get him a difference maker.

Anyway...draft talk sure is fun. Feel free to rip my commentary :)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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