Who do you think we should Draft Now? Trade Current Players?

Now that my Dream came true and we got Dez Bryant. Who do you guys want the Cowboys to target the rest of the Draft? And do you think the Cowboys will or should trade any current players? (Patrick Crayton)

My list for who I really want the Cowboys to Draft in the Second Rd

OL John Jerry- I know he is third rd grade but if we stay put at 59 we better take him cause we wont get him later, he will start this year

OL Jared Velheer Project But huge

OL Roger Saffold-I wouldnt trade up for him

SS/ Weak ILB Taylor Mays- He will make people pay for this snub

OL Bruce Cambell- A project but could turn out to be the best OL of the class 

OLB Sergio Kindle- Hey The guy has the same tools as Ware, I dont know about his head

OL Charles Brown- He could be great, needs to get stronger

DT Linval Joseph- Strength 

OL Vlad Ducasse- Size

FS Nate Allen- We need a Safety

DT Terrance Cody- I like DT's like I like my women, gotta have some booooobs

OLB Carlos Dunlap- Talent ,needs to work on his motor

LB Novarro Bowman- The eventual replacement to Brooking, I hope he likes Affliction

FS Morgan Burnett- He will be great for some team

3rd Round we trade are 4's to get back in

CB Javier Arenas- Slot corner

CB Brandon Ghee- Take over once T-NEw leaves

OL Jon Asamoah- Like his name

CB Chris Cook- The guy will make plays 

ILB Brandon Spikes- He will be great, He will be one step down then Ray Lewis

WR Jordan Shipley -Yes I still want Him

ILB Sean Lee- Linebacker U

Trade Players

Patrick Crayton- he's 31 lost two Jobs with Dez Pick, No need for him. I ike him but still hold a grudge against him for the Giant Playoff Game 3 yrs ago. Get anything you can

Barbie Carpenter- If we get Sean Lee or Bowman trade him to move up.

Marc Colombo- Trade him if we get a true left tackle, not really sure about his value

Sam Hurd- #'s Game, only if it is good value cause he plays Special Teams, Plus I played against him in High School and he didnt burn me with my 4.7 speed, Thats my claim to fame.

I would not trade Spears unless I could get John Jerry, Yes I have a man Crush

Martellus Bennet Became available after Dez Pick we better at least get a second rd pick for him or just keep him. 

I like the rest or our team staying, I would also like to resign Flo for one more yr so we can groom a LT and go after The Rams Safety OJ Atogwe with Hutchinson Type  deal

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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