Churning the roster

One of my favorite things former Cowboy head coach Jimmy Johnson used to do was bring in players during the middle of the season and work them out in front of the team. Coach Jimmy sent a clear message to players that you better perform and give maximum effort or you will be replaced.

Parcells had a similar philosophy of working out players mid-season and said he was always looking to "churn" the bottom of the roster.

Back in February, Jerry Jones said he wanted "some people nervous" and "it wouldn't surprise [Jerry] to have 10 or 11 new faces on our team."

If we take Jerry at his word.... that means we still have 2-3 more surprises this offseason (Flo & Hamlin cut + 6 draft picks = 8 potential new faces).

So just for fun, let play Churn that Roster! Who are some guys you would like to see replaced, and who would you like to replace them? Try to be realistic - don't go out trading for Gaither and signing Atogwe to an offer sheet - as it looks like the Cowboys seem content to sit out the free agency period and avoid handing out huge contracts. Well, on second thought, go ahead and go crazy... let's pretend Jerry calls you up and says, "Hey bud, I promised the fan base 10-11 new players and a deeper roster for next year... but I'm stuck. Who do you think I should get rid of, and who do you think I should replace them with?

1. With the 27th pick the Cowboys replace Cory Procter with Maurkice Pouncey

2. At pick 59 the Cowboys find Hamlin's replacement in Morgan Burnett and Pat Watkins is hoping his special teams play earns him another year's worth of paychecks.

3. Pick 90 the Cowboys are pleasantly surprised to find Brandon Spikes still on the board. Bobby Carpenter's roster spot is gone. Note: Spikes would NOT replace Carpenter as the nickel LB - that would be Jason Williams (yes I know this is a high risk/high reward move) and Spikes would be groomed to replace either Brooking or James in the next few years

4. In the fourth round the Cowboys take CB Akwasi Owasu-Ansah and say goodbye to... Terence Newman - but not until 2011. If Pat Watkins survives the Burnett pick, he may see the writing on the wall with Owasu coming to Big D. Alan Ball could also be nervous here as Akwasi has played some safety in his career and could fill the dual role Ball currently plays.

5. Next pick isn't until #186 in the 6th round and the Cowboys select Emanuel Sanders, WR out of SMU. This pick along with the improved play of Ogletree and Manuel Johnson in training camp 2010 have Roy Williams sweating.

6. With pick 219 in the 7th round the Cowboys consider Texas K Hunter Lawrence before ultimately pulling the trigger on another Longhorn, OT Adam Ulatoski - Pat McQuistan punches his t.v... but can't break it.

Add a few undrafted FA's to replace Curtis Johnson, Cletis Gordon and Duke Preston and there you have your new roster Jerry. I used this roster from It already had Flo and Hamlin off the roster so I assumed it was up-to-date.

This would be a bit of a dream scenario as players such as Pouncey, Burnett, Spikes and Ulatoski would all have to fall a few spots in order to make this work. But hey you never know.     

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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