DalaiLuke's official "you don't want to be on this" Pet-Cat List

Okay, I admit it, I'm horrible at picking Pet-Cats.  In recent years, my favorite Cats have include:

Pettiti, Stanback, Beriault, Canty, Watkins, and yes, even BTBs own "more intangibles than talent" Dunk ...

This year, however, will be different.  I'm determined to turn it around.  I feel I hit rock-bottom when I started pulling for Dunk and Terry (yea, I'm a Romosexual), so there's only improvement in my future, right? 

So, without further ado, the list of my Top-10 Pet-Cats:

Kevin Kolb - How many times did Donovan McNabb just BARELY elude the grasp of an on-rushing Cowboys lineman?  Those days are over, friends.  While Kolb may prove a menace in future years, he'll be a sitting duck for our boys in 2010. Which is why you just gotta love Kolb.  He's easily the Cowboys best off-season move.

McNabb - This is a close second.  Redskins fans delay development of the NFLs most important position by bringing in a recent Cowboys whipping boy?  You gotta cheer everything about that.  Just one look in McNabb's eyes about half-way through the final regular season game tells it all - the Cowboys D owns this guy.  Which is why I've gone from a hater to a lover... McNabb on the field is a sure Cowboys victory.

Tie for Third:  JPP and Graham - Let's face it, these guys may be giving the Cowboys fits in future years.  But this year?  I'm thinking they'll both make their biggest rookie mistakes on the NFLs new biggest stage:  Cowboys Stadium.  I'm also not worried about rookies beating out our very above average offensive tackles :)  And won't it be great to have bragging rights come next year's mocks?

Chris Canty - I liked the guy as soon as I heard he was in a bar-room fight that involved smashed bottles.   Who wouldn't?  That we got him in the 4th, and that he contributed were merely bonuses.  Now I'm pulling for him to have a great training camp and keep some future potential star off the Giants roster.  In the words of 5Blings: Career BUD.

Derek Anderson - anyone capable of making the Browns look good when the Cowboys own their #1 pick will forever be a thorn in my side ... so why not pull for him now to reverse that trend and knock the Steelers and Ravens out of our Super Bowl path?

Now for this year's home-boys :)

Travis Bright - I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of BYUs football team.  They run a bunch of 24 year old men out there against last year's high school stars.  Doesn't seem quite fair.  But all's fair in love and war ... and the NFL is war and I do luv me some Cowboys football.  And Bright's emergence as a player would quiet oh-so-many O-Line worry-warts on here.  I can't help but pull for the Cowboys to continue their streak of UDFA success stories.

Lissemore - I have a hard time NOT pulling for small school guys to prove they're worthy of the big stage.  Imagine the thrill of W&M teammates to see their boy make the squad and get into his first game.  Lissemore is the PERFECT 7th round pick ... a guy that put up serious numbers at his Pro-Day, has the heart, and fits our scheme.

Akwasi - I like everything about this pick.  Small school guy with the coverage skills, ability to lay wood and smarts to roam Dallas's secondary.  His return skills and penchant for interceptions make him a pick-6 waiting to happen.  I predict one from him this year... hopefully against our NFC East brethren.

Lee - For all the hype about Dez, not much press has been given to the fact the Cowboys believe this guy to also be a top talent in a very solid draft.  And being picked at 55 means there's far less pressure to step in and perform immediately.  If anything, the pressure is on the Cowboys scouts, as their high assessment will be scrutinized in the months/years to come.  I'm betting on Lee to prove them right.  He's got all those Terry-intangibles, plus the talent and intelligence to anchor the center of the Cowboys' D for years to come.

Martellus Bennett - Remember all the BTB optimism about Bennett in last year's training camp?  That first game at Tampa Bay?  Somewhere along the line, Bennett got caught up in all that hype (hell, half of it was self-generated!).  And that's a sophomore mistake if you've ever seen one.  Well, nothing has changed as far as talent goes, and I'm betting a few things have changed for the better as far as Marty B's desire and focus.  Look at it this way: even if the guy's #1 priority is, well, good ol' #1 ... he's smart enough to know that a successful NFL career is easily his best path to stardom. Therein lies the seeds of this year's newly motivated man-child. 


Bright = shines :) ... proves the scouts were right in passing on O-Linemen in the draft (we had the young talent in-house all along!) ... backs up the Kosier for another year, earning a starting role in 2011

Lissemore = works his ass off and earns regular reps, spelling Rat enough to keep him fresh right into February.

Akwasi = earns the starting role by the 5th game; never looks back.  4 picks, 3 fumble recoveries, 2 sacks and 1 ring.

Lee = Pushes both James and Brooking to improve on last year (the proverbial spike in the apple tree) ... excels in limited time this year, proving the scouts right and leaving Cowboys fans dreamy, wanting to see more.  Starts in 2011.

Bennett = competes with Dez for targets in the red-zone, getting one more red-zone touchdown than the rookie star.  Twitters about it before the super-bowl ... Sportscenter shows footage of the two talents yuckin' it up at a late-January practice.


Well, that's my list ... despite WhiteWolf's best attempts to keep this confidential, I've decided to leak it out to the public.  You needed to know.  Are they all destined for greatness?  Will the DalaiLuke curse finally be broken?  I think not ... necessarily as easily as I've put forth above ... but yes, this is the end.  This is where I'm finally recognized!  YES!  I emerge as the talent guru I always knew I could be! 

And yes, this is the post to once and for all silence Dunk ... and his little dog too!

What's your Pet-Cat list look like?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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