Any Surprise Cuts/Trades? Do You Have Any Far Out Thoughts?


Man, it's going to be what seems like an eternity until we get any real Cowboy's news.  ( hopefully no one gets arrested, or has a motor vehicle accident, or knocks someone up ) So it's time for truly ridiculous, unsubstantiated speculation and buffoonery.

With this roster loaded with solid veterans and good young talent will we see any surprise cuts? Surely there will be at least one that no one or maybe only one person sees coming. Do you have the guts to put that far out thought down for everyone to see? I do, but I'm to old to give a flip what any of you guys think anyway; I don't live with you. I don't work with you. You don't pay my bills, take me out fishing with you, buy me a ticket to the game and and a plane ticket to get there; Plus, I have no pride ( except in my family, my Cowboys, and my expertise at fishing; oh and my job ).

The Biggest surprise Would be Roy Williams, but I don't think this one is going to happen for the sole reason that Jerry has got way to much money tied up in him. A lot of people would  probably be happy if it did happen, but it ain't happening. ( Jerry has more pride than sense).

My guess for a possible surprise cut would be............are you ready?...........Marc Colombo. Kind of loses the surprise effect when it's out there in bold print huh. Now I'm not saying it's going to happen or that Colombo doesn't do a decent job for the most part or that there is even any evidence to back me up. I'm just saying I' wouldn't be shocked and here is why:

First off, I think Doug Free makes an outstanding right tackle and a mediocre left tackle. Now some, if not most of you will say that you think Free will be fine and he just may be; Lord knows I hope he is because that is probably were he will be. But fine isn't great or even good- it's something less. Now for my obscure thoughts to be realized Alex Barron would have to prove himself better than Free; a thought that would spread dread and doom throughout the Cowboy fan base and the snickers of haters everywhere. However, for Barron to suddenly become a better left tackle here than he ever was for the Rams and for him to be good enough beat out Free may not be such an outlandish thought in my opinion; Remember. he doesn't have to be great just better than Free.

Secondly, if the above mentioned fantasy/nightmare were to come about it would cause one to reevaluate the right tackle position. Colombo is no slouch, but I think more mobility from that and any other line position opens up your play book a little bit more.  But first I guess you would have to ask yourself: " Is Free better than Colombo?". I would say based on what I saw last year that he is; you and the coaches may have a different opinion. 

If Barron proves to be better than Free at left tackle and Free proves to be better than Colombo at tackle then I say those are your starting tackles.

Now what happens to Colombo?  I guess the logical choice would be to bring him to the game as back up and Free would swing to left tackle if Barron goes down; or and this is the kicker and the key to the whole buffoonery - Robert Brewster ( or heck we're talking right tackle, Sam Young ) is actually pretty darn good and can back it up.

Anyway, there's my  stupid thought for today.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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